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How to Become a Better Listener and Why Good Listening Skill Helps to Improve Social Skill?

How to Listen well with focus and concentration
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A lot of advice you may get to listen well and that listening is the key to sales and success. So, how to LISTEN WELL? Becoming a good listener is one of the most important, but undervalued skills. For anyone to be successful in life, one of the major parameters is the community and the social connections. You can’t do everything of your own and can’t go on to win the world of your own. You need people to do the same.

In an age where everyone has shorter attention span, but everyone demands more attention, admiration, more time, how can you make the connections? You can do that by supplying to the market, what market demands, ie “listening well:.

Remember, we meet so many people everyday. Very few actually listenes. People wait for their time to respond and to advice. Everyone is ready with their expert opinions and advice. No one listens, because no one is interested in you, they are interested in themselves.

Imagine the worth of a person who can listen well? At a time when everyone wants ti talk, but no one is there ti talk to, just by becoming better listener, you can improve your social likability.


Here is a simple starting framework for anyone who wants to improve

his listening skills.

  • L lean
  • I interest
  • S smile
  • T touch
  • E empathy
  • N nod
  • W write down points.
  • E engage
  • L learn
  • L like

When someone is talking to you, lean a little forward and show real interest in your face to know about the things the speaker is saying.

In a casual talk, exchange a smile. Touch the palm, shoulder, or upper arm of the person like a quick tap. Touch connects humans.

Show expression and emotions from deep within. If the person is sharing something sad, be sad, be empathetic to the person.

Always note down key interaction points. It makes the speaker feels special.

Engage and ask the right questions and add a periodic observation to keep the conversation going.

Develop an eternal liking for the speaker and learn everything he is saying with a belief that these are super impprtant.

Nod your head, it makes the speaker know that you are getting what he has to say.

Don’t just “hear” to wait for your opportunity to speak. Sharpen this as a skill. Random people will teach you much more than universities. Don’t use mobile during a conversation.


Being a good listener also need good focus and sensory activation. For a good conversation, you have to remember the treads, therefore memory needs to be sharp. You need to decode the emotions of the other person, so your cognition has to be at the top. Therefore your listening skill itself can become a good assessment of your health and wellbeing. With Lyfas you can get a clear snapshot of your memory, emotion, social skills, warmth of touch, your concentration, which all together can give a pseudo profile of your neurochemistry and hormonal health. Incase you are finding it hard to focus, or suffering with social anxiety, or are failing to listen to people, take your Lyfas Social and Neuro Assessment today.

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