How crying improves you to release your inner pain

How to cry your inner pain out.

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Smiling is easy. Smiling to hide your pain is the easiest.

What is toughest is to cry to let the inner pain go out.

How to Cry out your Inner Pain?

Let’s say someone hurts you, judges you, mistreats you, your eyes might be wet, you may cry, but don’t even consider that to be anything closer to crying. It is just feeling bad at that moment, for the moment.

There is a wound, in your heart, deep, so deep that you do not even know or aware of it. It could have been an incident in childhood, a pain, a feeling, missing something that keeps remaining there. That is the source of all your pain. That deep, hidden source would dictate how you feel.

Loop through your memory. Go and check every event of that early childhood. Some will make you sad, some happy. But there would be one event that would pain you the most. You would feel betrayed and cheated by destiny, wounded by fate, some close ones.

Just cry at that memory. Cry, cry cry.

Then, start imagining how good it must have done to you.

At first, you may not even want to do that, even if you, you may not want to feel that there was something good. Just relate something good now with that event, even if vague. That is how you will start liberating yourself from the pain, your real deep pain. Crying well is as good as a good smile.


Our tear glands are associated with our parasympathetic system. The parasympathetic system is the rest and recovery part of the autonomic nervous system that drives the homeostasis or the balance of our body. The parasympathetic system is responsible for digestion, excretion as well as sleep. All these three functions are important for our well-being. When you are under stress, or some life situations are taking a toll on you, your sympathetic system gets hyperactive and parasympathetic system slowly underfunctions. You lose sleep, suffer from constipation and become more anxious, angry and frustrated with the life. Every possible ways that stimulates your parasympathetic system will improve your overall wellbeing. Crying therefore is not only an essential part of life, but also a clinically desirable feature to make and keep your healthy. If you are unable to cry, or unable to share, they may have deeper physical and health issues attached to them. Do not neglect such issues.

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