Is Emotional Intelligence a Scam?

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You can at most be aware of your emotional signature and can manage your emotions better. This is not emotional intelligence, but emotional awareness.

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1. sensors(eyes-sight, touch, tongue-taste, ear-sound, nose-smell).

2. Sensed signal(S) is processed by various sense processing areas(mostly located in the top brain, the neo-cortex) in the brain.

3. Thalamus performs the signal filtering, the brain uses a RELEVANCE filter to gather important signal parts.

3. These {S(n)} are then sent to the Hippocampus part of the mid brain. HC extracts some features from the signal and compares the signature(like your fingerprint) with long memory Cerebellum.

4. HC particularly searches for IMMEDIATE a) Opportunity b) Threat. Ex:- You see a gold coin or a snake.

5. HC then sends the electrical impulse of threat/opportunity to Amygdala(Am).

Here the electrical signal is converted to a chemical signal, and respective Neurochemicals like Dopamine are released. It also signals the pituitary gland, which coordinates with the Adrenaline gland, to release Adrenaline.

6. Brain stops all other processing and activates flight and fight mode through Autonomic Nervous system if threat/opportunity is HUGE. Now body acts in REFLEX(REF).

This function is called IMPULSIVE(IMP) REFLEX. And the quick decision is called INSTINCT(INS).

7. If HC simultaneously sends the signal to linguistic processing, which converts the signal to time stamp understandable(U) data.

Data7={t, S(n), U(n)}.

8. HC senses the hormonal state of Dopamine(DP)/Adrenaline(AD) and puts the instant hormonal state as first-level emotion(E).

Data8={S(n), E(layer1), t, U(n)}.

9. Because HC had already searched in a database for a similar signature, the memory(M) address of the index to past experiences are loaded with this thread.

Data9={S(n), E(L1), t, U(n), M(}

10. If there is enough Serotonin(SRN) in the body, the Neural pathway from Midbrain to the front brain(called the pre-frontal cortex), the Data is sent to PFC. PFC extracts Feeling(F) and Thoughts(T) from data.

11. PFC then processes Feelings and Thoughts, to Interpret(I) the data, as well as obtain possible actions(A).

Data11={S(n), t, E(L1), F, T, U(n), I, M(k1..knn), A(}

12. This is sent back to HC, which interprets Data11, stores it in a working Short memory buffer, and produces signals to secrete relevant hormones. Also, 5-9 is reperformed or Action is selected.

13. OVERTHINKING is when step 12, 5-9 is selected over and over again, without the brain taking action. As all these consume energy(En), OVERTHINKING leads to EXHAUSTION.

14. In 6,12 Muscle movements are generated for EXPRESSION, like smiles, tears, sweat, etc.

15. Finally, when the thread ends, Hc pulls all temporary memory and store it in the Cerebellum along with the current feeling of SUCCESS/FAILURE.

Emotional Signature(ES)={REF, IMP, INS, Experience, Hormones(eg SRN, DP, AD), M, Cognition, Language, S, Autonomic System, F, A, T, Ex, Looping..}.

So you can measure the electrochemical ES, qualify, quantify, signify, classify and calculate EQ, and then rectify too? 🥱🤭


Lyfas provides a detailed analysis of your emotional signature with all the other pointers like memory. So, if you really want to understand your Emotional signature, take your Lyfas test.

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