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Property Disputes:- The Cause of Cancer that No One Told You

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In Indian families, property disputes are common. Often engage in legal battles pertaining to the property. How come my brother has more than me, and how can I have more?

Some end up winning the battles, sometimes after years, or decades, at times even after generations.

Win, but at what cost?


1. Initially negative thoughts creep in the entire family, elevating cortisol levels. Then the thoughts get converted into fear of loss. Fear triggers the Amygdala of the midbrain to initiate Adrenaline secretion.

2. Then the fear of loss becomes accompanied by excessive hatred. Hatred is an emotion that needs significant testosterone.

3. Adrenaline-filled body is in the flight and fight mode and is always Autonomic System based lizard brain-controlled. The blood pressure increases, heart rate increases, and main participants become hypertensive.

4. They start taking hypertensive medicines such as beta-blocker, whereas the body is still in flight and fight mode. Due to a reduction in heart rate, the body now tries to release more dopamine.

5. Soon, dopamine exhausts in the body, putting the brain into severe depression. The body now goes through severe variations in the Thyroid profile.

6. Due to sympathetic overdrive through Adrenaline and Anger response through testosterone, the brain needs a lot of energy in the mid and lower brain. The areas in the pre-frontal cortex, neocortex are turned off. This severely causes memory impairment.

7. Memory impairment results in cognitive dissonance as the cognition needs to pull past experience data from memory for extracting the right meaning of the senses. Every sensory data now is Amygdala handled. People’s core in the family collapse and there is too much infighting and misunderstanding.

8. This in-family negativity drains everyone off their dopamine. The body is always thinking negatively. This takes away sleep. This impairs the production of the happiness hormone Serotonin and thus Consciousness comes down.

9. Low para-sympathetic system(vagal nerves) now causes significant unrest in the body, leading to hyper-inflammation. This also impairs digestion and severe Acidity and gastric kicks in. The body uses fluids to deal with the inflammation, causing constipation, resulting in further unrest.

10. The cancer genes are activated by the body because the body now needs more areas of the organs to handle this emergency.

11. The low pH in the body now keeps killing the good bacteria in the gut, reducing absorption, causing more energy loss.

12. If you are lucky, a heart attack saves you. Most often this prolonged chaos leads to renal inflammation, which ends the body’s last homeostasis controller kidney, after the Brain, Heart, and Gut.

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That is why many cancer cases have one or the other current or past family history of property disputes. Value your life? Run from such families, as fast as you can, as far as you can.

Property or Life? You chose.

Stress induced catabolism generates more and more O- (superoxide radicals) which is thought to be the key cellular pathophysiology of collapsed apoptosis (regulated cell growth and replication) mechanism leading to unregulated growth of tissues.
Property dispute takes long long time to resolve. Hence, the above mechanism keeps continuing in the body.

Dr. Subhagata Chattopadhay

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