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🚲Rule of Availability: Why Easy Access Can Harm our Health?

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In one of the senior colleges in the US, authorized observed that many of the college-going students were falling Ill with cough and cold and their general health wasn’t keeping all the good.

They started investigating, hostel food, hostel hygiene, any specific virus in the area, anything odd with the canteen food.

They then observed that the students immediately after the class and between the classes were going to the canteen, where there was a fridge with Coke bottles. Students loved picking up some drinks and so literally everyone was picking up a Coke bottle. It was hard for the authorities to change the habit.

They tried posters, awareness drives, talked to students, but for no use.

Then they did something simple. They changed the position of the fridge and placed it at the furthest corner. They stacked water bottles and juices on the counter table.

And viola. The students were no more walking to the back to pull Coke. They were using water bottles to appear cool. The total health index of the college improved.

There will be resource scarcity in the pandemic and people out of panic would want these resources even as a precaution. All you have to do is then make the availability a long process. People will figure out easy and simple hacks which do exist.


Remember, if you are sitting on your couch, and ordering things, including groceries, etc from mobile applications, you are eliminating your body’s prime desire for social interaction. Also, by the rule of biology, when the body and mind don’t have to work hard for something, the body doesn’t value that and develops a condition called temporal depression. Lack of social interactions reduces Oxytocin, which eventually leads to Histamine-Serotonin imbalance. This significantly elevates your health risks, as the Neuroplasticity reduces and immunity is compromised. Easy access causes depression.

Next time, take a walk to the nearest shop or restaurant for picking up things and acting out respectively. You will see the difference yourself.

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