The Pathophysiology of Dark Triad Manipulative Personality:- Serotonin Syndrome

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Some people are plain simple evil. For them, life is a chessboard, and the people around them are the pawns. They set a trophy and go to any extent to win the trophy.

They have a combination of Narcissism, Psychopathy, and Machiavellianism. The cunning, cold-blooded toxic person. They take away your identity, give you an image, a role to play as a cheerleader for them. They are your saviors, masters.


1. Recent FMRI studies have revealed that pathological liars do not have prefrontal cortex activation. It is mostly Mid-brain managed.

2. Serotonin and dopamine hormones are responsible for Neuroplasticity and thus connect the pre-frontal cortex(high-level consciousness), Cerebellum(long memory), Hippocampus (signal encoder). So, the DTP has very low Serotonin and Dopamine. Hence they are always unhappy, moody.

3. Midbrain activates the HPA axis and thus has high Adrenaline. So they are aggressive, angry, raging, with suppressed or expressed violence.

4. Due to the lack of Serotonin, their thermal regulation is gone. So they are cold-blooded. There is no warmth when they touch you.

5. Because Serotonin also regulates the Somatic nervous system, muscle control is poor. A weak handshake, inability to do minute works like putting threads in needle, tremors.

6. Serotonin depletes sleep and vice versa. So, they can’t sleep early.

7. Hypothermic blood leads to Acidosis, which results in tissue Necrosis. So they continue to have several skin problems. They feel cold, and hence become hydrophobic, leading to avoiding baths and washing.

8. Obviously they have no solid memory and thus to make sense of their life, they create stories. They remember only things that satisfy their stories.

9. High Adrenaline causes vasoconstriction, leading to very high blood pressure.

10. Lack of PFC activation makes them skeptical of reality. So they become detectives and stalkers.

11. Hypothermia causes palpitations and ectopic heartbeat. Hence they become super anxious, always in a constant state of fear.

12. They try hard to overcome this fear with confidence. Under stress, this mask falls off, and they respond violently.

13. Because Gut wall Peristalsis needs high Neuron activation, which gets impaired due to Serotonin deficiency, resulting in low absorption of minerals. Hence bones, muscles, and physical strength reduced.

14. Kidney can’t remove such a high amount of waste. So, they develop stinking body odor. Hence Toxic.

15. Super aggressive, hypertensive father, and a depressed mother who compromised to keep the family, resulting in DTP.


The Dark Triad Personality(DTP) is pretty much the signature of all the criminals. They convince themselves that they are good people and have no guilt, consciousness of their lies and manipulation. Their words and actions differ as ground and sky.

They are super nice as long as you agree to them. The moment you show disagreement, they lose their temper and shun you down with words and anger. You feel like walking in the shell.

They instill fear in you. They are marked by extreme hatred, jealousy, envy. They try to appear, victims, all the time. They project all the blames on you, guilt-tripping and shame-tripping you. When they say sorry, they don’t feel it. Because Serotonin is needed for feeling, as it connects the entire brain.

They can’t do anything for long, gets bored. They start but never end. They fear reality like death. So they stalk you, they want all the information.

They will silently instigate you against your loved ones and close ones. They will always appear smart, will try to find shortcuts for success. You will always feel kind of a chill and your gut will tell you. But you won’t listen to anyone.

DTPs are rampant among us, almost all, I guess and we are in the networked manipulative world. Recent pandemic is the biggest proof of that. Based on it manipulations are still happening royally, cunningly.
Now the Qs is why so many DTPs? The answer is addiction to the pleasure-based short term gratification system in the brain as it is shrinking rapidly, and already shrunk by 20%!! We need more connections for neuroplasticity to happen in the brain for more 5-HT release to feel happy.
Our brain lost the ability to feel it as 5-HT is rapidly depleted due to insecurity, anxiety, and lack of sleep, especially in today’s teens and working classes. Elderly are of no exception too.
Now how to achieve success? Answer is shortcuts, which needs one to be a DTP trait, no wonder.
More and more DTPs are due to the change in the societal anatomy. Comparative exhibitionism of wealth and for that whatever are required are being grabbed without any deep thought. Everyone has become a number, IIT, iim, pay package, emi, position, USA etc at the cost of the biggest natural boon to brain, that is 5-HT. No wonder why Escitalopram and SSRIs are most selling meds among my friends and relatives!

Dr. Subhagata Chattopadhyay

DTP is an addiction. Once you have it, there is no going away. Your mind is taken hostage forever.


Hoping for them to change? This cascading pathophysiology is a clinically irreversible disorder. Don’t deplete your Serotonin hoping, hating, and getting hurt. This is an inflammatory lizard mind, with a criminal signature. Run for life, or pay by your life.

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