How to enhance memory and social acceptance by remembering peoples names
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Why Remember Names?

The most favorite thing of any person is his/her name. When you remember people by their name and address them by their name, they automatically like you.

Imagine you are visiting a restaurant after 6 months and call a waiter by his name, it makes his day.

If you are in business, politics or other professions where you meet a lot of people, remembering their name becomes challenging. So, how to do it?

How to Remember Names

The simple method that I will share with you here is called “Story memory”.

Your brain remembers stories well. All you have to do is create a short story in your mind with the person. And correlate some very close person or thing in your life with the new person and his name.

Ex:- Ratikanta: rats flowing all around the floor with this person holding a “kanta”.

Mallikarjun:-Arjun in the middle of war is doing with Mallika Sherawat and this guy capturing that photo.

John:- I met him and he is wearing an Elton John black T shirt.

Soumya- My friend Someshekhar and this girl has commonality, I call both Somu.

Barbar Chandru:- posing with as if cutting hair of moon face.

All you have to do is invest 30 seconds in creating a story and link it to existing story and then recall the story once.

You will be surprised by results.

Bunus Trick

Our temporal cortex is closer to our ears and therefore the auditory senses are better pickedup by by our brain than any other sensory inputs. After forming the story in the brain, if you spell out the story with clear sound, then your brain gets input from the ears as well as has a supporting visual clue. Therefore the brain can remember better.


A good memory is s a hallmark of the brain functioning well. Because for a good memory, all the parts of the brain are to collaborate and coordinate simultaneously. For anything to remember, the neurons in various parts of the brain are to play an orchestra. When brain parts can coordinate well, they can also take better care of the body. Under any pressure situation, more brain area works simultaneously and therefore stress becomes lower(pressure=force/area). You must practice remembering people’s name because if you do not practice memory, it will slowly fade away. Lyfas provides a detailed framework of memory, memory problems and associated health risks. So if you are suffering with short or long term memory, please take your Lyfas Assesment today.

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