Stress of Studies due to family pressure and expectations
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Our feelings are dependent on the purpose and outcome that we pursue. Our mind works in reward-punishment mode. It allocates resources in the hope of a reward, which is often some gain, some happiness, and some Serotonin hormone.
You are working hard for a result, which is quite far from the time when you are working hard.


So, there is no immediate success to boost your mind and give you the Serotonin dose of happiness.

Because, you are working without any reward, your mind feels it is meaningless to allocate resources to excel you in studies, which leaves a cascading effect.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:-

So, first, change the purpose:— I have to learn because it will make me wiser and more knowledgeable than yesterday. I will be so much better than others. I will be so much more intelligent and talented today than my peers and my yesterday.

At the end of the day, just close your eyes and review what you learned new and make a mental note as to where you can use that learning in real life.

For instance, Ohm’s law says the current between two points is proportional to the potential difference between two points.

So, if your two points are a) Not Learned b) Learned, if you learn a lot more than now, you will have significant current flowing towards learning.

The moment you start correlating your learnings with real life, your brain will be satisfied. Because your brain will be happy, it will retain more knowledge. Because it will retain more knowledge, you will be more confident. Because you will be more confident tomorrow, your brain will want you to increase that confidence.


And slowly, you won’t feel that you are working hard. Because of that, you will remain energetic and will work harder without feeling stressed or without feeling tiredness.

Finally, you will start seeing the result. Once you see some result, you can easily convince your brain that “look, there are greater rewards too”. This cycle will slowly turn you into an individual hungry for success, not desperate for it.

I hope this Cognitive-Behavioral Model helps you to transform yourself.☺️

PS:- I wrote this for the parents here whose young teenage children are facing the stress of results in their studies. Happy parenting.

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Often the expectations, and pressure from neighbors, parents, relatives, and all other people put a teenager into significant stress and anxiety. Constant high heart rate and sympathetic dominance of the body to deal with the situation elevates the cortisol level and lowers dopamine and Serotonin levels, reducing the Neuroplasticity, resulting in memory loss and eventual loss of cognition.

If you are parents of such teenagers, know that this stress will have life long effect on your children. Life is much beyond scoring good marks in classes X and XII. I urge you to book a Lyfas test and counseling for your teenage children if you think that they are being stressed out and are underperforming due to stress.

We will analyze the mind-body of your children and would help them to identify their strengths and weaknesses so that they can construct better self-strategies for stress management and achieve better success.

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