Why You Must Never Make Horrific Mistakes of Quick Win Lyfas Care Quick Success Neuroscience Amygdala Takes over the brain and causes Diabetes, Hypertension and Impotency.
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What is a Quick Win?

A quick win is when you target a short-term goal, not tied to any long-term aspiration or vision. It may be winning your next tournament, or business deal, or an exit startup. It may be a small deal, or it may be a business win or getting a job for a salary hike. A quick win maybe a quick relationship, or make money quick.

How Does the Body Prepare For a Quick Success?

Our body has this system called an autonomic nervous system that connects all the organs. This serves three functions:- Survive, Thrive, Reproduce.

Survival is about fighting the threat. Because the threat is in real-time, it is called autonomic stress. Under autonomic stress, the body goes to flight/fight/freeze mode. This prepares the body to react fast, and do things faster like increasing blood pressure. The control of the brain is given to the mid-brain, and the brain is primarily driven by a center called Amygdala. This is called the Lizard brain.

When Amygdala controls the brain, it takes over the Hypothalamus, Pituitary, and Adrenaline, axis. Hippocampus is bypassed, and the body is in react mode. Instinct, impulse, anger, pleasure, pain takes over as thought, feelings, happiness, satisfaction, sadness.

So, the only way our brain can do things fast is when Amygdala controls it. Either you are in threat, or you want to win, either way, your mid-brain drives it.

The problem is that when cortisol is high, the midbrain needs more sugar. And because at this stage, only 10% brain is functional.

Image by Dana Foundation(Used here only for non-commercial Education Purpose). Image shows the segments of the brain for Neuroscince Explanation.

Result of Prolonged Amygdala-Based Brain Functioning

The most brain loses Neuroplasticity. In Autonomic stress, the body needs more sugar, higher pressure, no digestion, and no reproduction. After a win, the brain releases Dopamine. That is addictive.

Once Amygdala takes over, there is no going back. The brain will want more Dopamine, and you will push for more wins. By the rule of Biology, the reproductive system, and the digestive system goes away first.

Because the Liver has to supply excess sugar with Neoglucogenesis, the liver goes for a toss. Once the metabolic syndrome sets in, one first swing between Anxiety and depression.

So, anyone who wants to go for a quick win must be prepared for impotency for life, diabetes+hypertension, loneliness(because our social brain, the frontal cortex is gone), Dementia, and insomnia. Dopamine is not infinite. So, after a period just like insulin resistance body becomes dopamine resistant too. Then your instinct and impulse also go for a toss. Your brain becomes pleasure-insensitive, pain insensitive.

So, for your first quick win, you have to put at stake:-

1. Relationships
2. Libido
3. Sleep
4. Digestion
5. Memory
6. Happiness.
(Body can sustain this stress mode for a decade, max2).


take a printout of these three comments into a bond paper. Then sign the deal with your brain and body.

You sign the deal with a declaration to yourself

“I agree to be more successful and win it all, and accept that I will have no sex, no feelings, no digestion, no thinking, no sleep, diabetic, hypertensive, depressed for rest of my life, after 10 years from now”.

After a decade, when your body collapses all of a sudden, and within a period of 2 years, take out the bond paper. At least you will not blame the world for the misery.

There will be no exception. Rules of Evolution, Physics, and Biology have literally zero exceptions. Amygdala and Dopamine will take you for one decade ride of pleasure and success.

Unfortunately, most of the brain would be non-functional, so it will lose the sense of life and death too. You will live the rest of your life without even knowing if you are alive or dead.

You can buy good condoms+ viagra, food, and a bed with money. But won’t have the libido, digestion, and sleep. You will have a good car, but no one to accompany you. You will have a great house, but no one alive will be there. You will have everything, and yet nothing. 

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