A father and a daughter bonding is the core to daughter's overall psychology

🧔‍♂️ Fathers:- The Evolution of Irrelevance

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Evolution needed men to go out and face giant wooly mammoths, several tons heavier than them and several times deadlier than them.

Many a time they would get killed in the hunting drives, wouldn’t return back to their cave. Many a time they would get severely wounded and couldn’t hunt anymore. So, men learned to make tribes and started taking care of those who couldn’t take care of themselves.

Trust, fearlessness, bravery, taking risks, courage, attempting impossible, protecting and providing, honor, dying for a cause, collaboration, coordination, became hallmarks of men.


The woman would wait for the man to come with food, in anxiety and belief that he would come. He would come with food and tell the stories. If he came without food, the family will be starved. So, he had to get the food.

Mothers will learn the heroics of their fathers and share the same with the children. The girl would feel protected and see her father as a hero who hunts a wooly mammoth and bring its meat. The son would grow up as proud and wanting to join his father.

He would, soon as he became 7. He learned to deal with other men, learned power, muscle, collaboration, coordination. He would proudly see his father hunting and then will try to replicate his actions.

The mirror neurons, one that separates us from others, would enable generations after generations to learn the skills from the father.


Some 10,000 years ago, men decided, they had enough. They needed permanent food and security, less risk-taking. They started to settle in colonies, started firming corn. Many new skills were needed. Here to men passed on their skills down the generations. Pottery, Agriculture, Construction.

There would be stories, but there were no stories of heroics. There were stories of social respect for their father’s skills, but no hunting. Children would feel safe. Father would teach their son. The daughter did not know how her father was a hero.


Post Ford era, formal education became the new norm. Everyone learned the same set of “skills”. Fathers were no more needed to teach. Sons would go to school. The daughter would know that her father is earning. There were no heroics, no stories.


Industrialists realized that new machines do not need too many skilled men. They just needed men who could happily repeat the same boring job every day. And then they realized many of these jobs can be handled by women as well.

Forget stories, now they were not even needed for food. Mothers could get it. No skills to learn, no heroics to be proud of.


Then the governments decided that they are not needed for protecting and providing too. The government would do it for the children.

Denial is a gift. Ignorance is bliss. Truth is hard and Irrelevance is trance. There is a no bigger pain than not being needed.

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