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Parental Responsibilities for Boy Child(1-12) Part 1:- In-relationship Couple(Family Intact)

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I. Father:-

1. Start teaching from the age of six months, as soon as he learns to sit.
a. Show pictures in the book and state the name by holding his finger and keeping over the picture.
b. As for him to point fingers when you say a picture name. He will point fingers at the pictures.
(This establishes his cognitive brain pathways)

2. Between Age of 12 months to 2 years, accompany him to markets, malls, and teach him how to pick good quality vegetables. Ask him to select potatoes and tomatoes etc for you.

He feels that he has a role to play in your life, he is helping you.

3. Always have a small packet back from Market that he can carry. Give it to him to go and give to mother.

It makes him understand that he should take care of his mother.

4. Order several building blocks and kits. Make it together. A grown-up man must be comfortable with repairing household things. That attracts a woman.

So, building things together as a team gets into his mind.

5. Once he starts speaking 2years to 3.5 years, make him part of various age group circles. Leave him with his grandfather. Take him to your circle.

He learns to co-operate and co-exist in different groups.

6. From 3.5 years to 10 years, keep building things together. Repair house mixy, cooler, pipe, etc and include him. Tell stories, teach body language. Talk, talk, talk. Read books together. Ask him to tell stories.


II. Mother:-

1. Breast-feed. For his brain, immunity, and for his wellbeing, breastfeeding for three years is a must.

2. Create peer groups and participate in activities. Women need circles for regulating Estrogen, Serotonin, and Oxytocin. The circle will make you happy. He will learn happiness from you.

3. Don’t give mobile or TV while feeding. He must develop a sense of taste, smell, and food. Make him sit with you and eat with his hands.

4. Significant amount of boys of working mothers are Autistic or develop Auto-immunity or Metabolic disorders in early childhood. Consider planning your career between 1-5 years of his age.

If you are unavailable at that age, he will never have any stable relationships in his life. Children can’t rationalize. He will see it as his mother dumping him, and that he is a bad boy and he will be alone for life.

5. Always encourage and embrace him, and with a smile and warmth. Your mood swing is the number one reason for his anxiety disorder as an adult.

6. Don’t poke your nose when he is playing with his friends. Don’t control and command him all the time. He will otherwise be a meek subdued boy, who will be blasted by the world when he grows up.

III. Together:-

Be seen hugging, teasing, and loving each other. A guy’s confidence comes from intimacy. He doesn’t see intimacy in his parents, he will be hateful.

Remember, you owe it to society to give us a healthy, happy, competent, skilled, socially high-value Man.


We are in a situation, where no further we can remain blind eye to the childhood traumas that kids are suffering and the consequences resulting from that. Parents have long been kept outside criticism. In India, you can judge God, but not your parents.

This false idealization has to lead to a massive fall of the mental state of the individuals, particularly post 2000 born kids. We have too long given mothers free attention and validation, not holding them accountable for their massive failures.

Produce child for social validation and then mess up his life. FATHERS have a much deeper role to play. You can’t just sit in the office for 12 hours. When your wife and parents are bombarded with expectations, tell them, your first responsibility is your son. Money won’t give him a good life.

Before you become a father, take yourself to the peak of your health. Exercise, leave alcohol, check your body frequently. Read, build, take the pressure. Oh and yes, STAY AWAY FROM YOUR MOTHER.

If both of your priorities are your parents and your career, don’t bring a child to the world and screw him.


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