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In Biology, if a tissue/organism/organ carries DNA from different distinct hosts, then it is called Chimerism.

👨‍🔬Desai et al. in the 1960s used the term when they found maternal leukocytes in the umbilical cord blood from newborn infants. It only meant that the mother supplied WBCs to the newborn.

This study then took off. Finally, doctors, scientists, and researchers discovered that the exchange of cells happens through the placenta wall, in a bi-directional channel, ie, the child fetal cells are donated to the mother.


💡Mother carries living cells of their babies up to even 27 years of pregnancy. Cells from babies remain in the mother’s bloodstream even after abortion.


1) Even during pregnancy, when a woman develops ectopics, the fetal cells are deployed in the site to repair the ectopics.

2) In mice studies, it was observed that an entire thyroid gland of the mother got reconstructed out of the FMC cells, after hyperthyroidism.

3) Even till several years of pregnancy, whenever there is an inflammation, the fetal WBCs are deployed in the site that repairs the wounds fast.

4) One of the major roles that these fetal cells play is the vigilance of cancer cells in the mother’s body. They attack any cancerous development.

5) In Myocarditis, FMC acts like stem cells and regenerate cardiac tissues.

6) Under anger and rage, when the kidney, heart, brain are inflammated due to high Adrenaline, the FMC is deployed, which quickly heals those sites. Therefore, women have mood swings, but blood pressure doesn’t shoot as high as an angry male.

7) Fetal living cells remain in the bloodstream even after ABORTION. Because the cells did not have enough time to coordinate with the mother’s immune system, she develops auto-immunity.

8) More amount of Male child’s cells were found in the inflammation site and the mother’s body than female child’s. So mother deploys her son’s cells to heal herself.

9) If the male partner is not top of his health(say anxious, hypertensive, raging, angry, diabetic, or carries any genetic disorder, the FMC is weak, and causes havoc in the mother’s body.


Serotonin, which is produced only between 2-4 AM after 2 hours of deep sleep, coordinates the consciousness amongst cells and organs. This is a happiness hormone. The coordination between FMC and mother’s cells distorts when she sleeps late and is unhappy.

Hence unhappy woman causes significant damage to the immunity of the child and herself.


Just as the mother looks after their children all their lives, the child takes care of the mother’s health for 3 decades. Hence mothers should be as much indebted to their children, as the child should.

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