How insecured parenting makes an adult nervous about even a small cut and may lead to life threatening conditions

Why Parents Must Expose Their Kids to Danger?

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The Story

A 22-year-old fresher engineer joined his job.
He was filing some documents in the office file. In a hurry, he mishandled the metal piece of the file and got his finger cut. A minor cut, from which a little blood came out.

What you would have done?
Put it in mouth and suck it, look for some Bandit, some first aid?

What was happening?

It was for the first time the boy saw blood from his body. He got extremely afraid, had an attack, and fainted. While falling down, the head struck the glass of the table so hard, that blood started coming out of the head. He had to immediately shift to the hospital. A lot of stitches, a few bottles of blood, and two days of observation later he was discharged.

Asking his parents, they proudly told him “we have brought him up like a prince. Forget blood, he has never seen watering eyes!”


A minor cut ended up in a major accident. Why? Because parents thought not exposing the child to any difficulty is good parenting.

When we face situations in life that we have not faced before, our brain gets confused and doesn’t know how to react. Things like an infection and blood appear life-threatening. The brain is more connected in childhood, and because of this, every situation is processed by a more volumetric area of the brain. This keeps the stress and pressure low. As we become adults, the area of the brain that processes any situation reduces. Due to the inherent nature of stress(stress=Force/Area), a lower brain activation surface increases the stress. 
In stress, our sympathetic system gets hyperactive, flooding the body with cortisol, increasing our blood pressure and heart rate. This nervousness may then lead to local thrombosis in parts of the brain, causing cognitive impairment. This then becomes a life-threatening condition.

Advice for the parents

Don’t just become golden parents, raising a golden child. There is no gold medal for not letting your child be exposed to various dangers. In fact, if you think rationally, you protected your child, because you yourself were insecure and feared that you wouldn’t be able to deal with an unpleasant scenario if the child is exposed to danger. Single mothers in particular have been found to have protected their children, exposing their children to later life danger. If you are parenting, make sure to handle your own insecurities and anxieties and let your child gets exposed to various degrees of dangers under supervision. 

They need a dangerous footprint in the brain in childhood, when they can deal with the situation better, to be able to deal with the situation as adults. 

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