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Complex vs Complicated: The Life’s Path and Decisions

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“Star glows in the night” is simple. It is simple to comprehend and you can also make some outcomes from this, like observing venus for directions.

However, the star glows, because it has a hydrogen core inside that burns energy through Nuclear reactions.

They are formed in the active regions of a galaxy, where there are Nebula, the gas clouds. In a galaxy, there may be several million such stars. The stars are not fixed and rotate around the center of the galaxy.

The star is heavy enough to bend the space-time due to its weight, just as a dumbbell kept on a bed will create a cavity around it, creating Gravity.

Planets rotate around the star. Planets further bend space-time around it, forming satellites rotating around them.

We live in the Milkyway galaxy but can see stars of many distant galaxies including our neighbor galaxy Andromeda.


The above system of cosmic architecture is quite complex. Several dimensions, laws, knowledge, construct the universe. The sky we see is just a tiny part of that observable universe.


So, when someone says “SKY IS THE LIMIT”, it is a simplification of complexity, called SIMPLEX system, not a simple system.


Why reach the sky? what’s there in the sky? How far in the sky? What do we do after reaching the sky? How long we stay there? How to go there? How will Oxygen be available in the sky? What will we eat in the sky?

You have answers to none. And therefore “Sky is the limit” is a Simplex, but the complicated system. A complication is like counting hair, which you can’t ever do(unless of course..).


“Reach to the moon by rocket to mine back precious metals back to earth and become a billionaire” is a simple system, because it answers how, why, when, where, etc.

Those questions are further answered by the cosmic laws, covered by the sky complexity section.


“Any simple solution will have a complex core, and any simple core will have a complicated solution”.


“You must travel through the complexities of a system to find the simple solution. If you start with a simple solution without traveling the complexity, then life will be complicated”.


1. “Health is wealth” is Simplex and Complicated, whereas body-wide cellular metabolism must be at 99.99% homeostasis is Complex but Simple.

2. “Sharing is Caring” is Simplex but Complicated(sharing what? what can’t be shared and why? how my sharing is caring? whom I am caring? how would I know that the target cares?).

“Caring anyone needs a healthy boundary of knowing and protecting own self through executive ego function by the preservation of freedom and preservation of identity oriented knowledge” is complex but simple.

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You suffer in life, not because life is complicated, but because you bypass the complexities of life in the quest for a simple solution, leading to complication.

Handle Complexity to avoid Complication.

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