Lyfas diagnoses stress, so do mosquitos
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What are mosquitos?

An irritating small animal. It makes us slap ourselves. It bites us, sucks our blood and we tend to itch and have red marks all over the skin. We spend a significant bit of money so that these tiny creatures don’t bite us. We consume Carbon di Oxide overdose by closing all windows so that they don’t enter.

They spread Malaria and Dengue and how much we wish they did not exist!


The smell attracts mosquitos. Particularly Carbon di Oxide. When we exhale, several other components like Urea, Ammonia, Sulpher, etc get exhaled with CO2. This creates our breath signature. Mosquitos sense this signature and use our blood for blood-meal.


1) Acidosis:-

In a room, if there are multiple people, you may have observed that mosquitos bite a few more than the others. In Hindi, we jokingly say “Meetha Khoon Hoga”.

The fact is that those with high Acidity(Uric Acid or Lactosis or Acidosis), exhales less CO2, as their body traps more CO2. Mosquitos are less attracted by them. Stress increases Acidosis, so they are less interested in people with stress.

So, mosquitos can be used for self-diagnosis. If you are not targeted, you have acidity and stress. Acidity is a prime reason for intestine inflammation and chronic constipation.

2) Neuropathy:-

The swelling around the bite is caused by histamine, which is produced by the immune system. Histamine increases blood flow and white blood cell count around the affected area, which causes inflammation or swelling. Mosquito bites itch because histamine also sends a signal to the nerves around the bite.

In case you are not itching, you have progressive Neuropathy. For Diabetes patients, it can lead to no pain during a heart attack(silent MI), or peripheral Gagarin.

So, if mosquitos are least attracted by you, then you have fewer reasons to feel happy.


In a mouse study, it is seen that, pH of the blood-meal increases from 7.4 to 7.58(Alkaline) after the mosquito bite.

There are no such studies on humans(at least I am not aware of), but if the hypothesis is imposed on humans, even a little increase in pH causes a good amount of CO2 release from cells. Excess CO2 in the brain is a primary cause of Neurotic.

Histamine, causes the surrounding blood vessels to dilate and increase in permeability so that WBC cells can enter the site from the bloodstream. Vasodilation lowers blood pressure.

They are also immuno-modulators, modulating IL-6 in the inter-cellular space.

So, when a lot of mosquitos bite you(if they have no alternatives), it can technically treat your acidity and constipation, stress and mental health problems, blood pressure, constipation, Gastritis also increase immunity.

So, nothing that nature has for you, neither a mosquito nor a virus, nothing is your enemy. They serve you, contribute to your wellbeing. Nature loves you, ecology loves you, Viruses and Mosquitos love you.

Learn to balance and co-exist.

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Hope the so-called intelligent westerners understood this wonderful co-existence that Indians perforce have our stresses minimized by mosquito bites. Instead, the Americans have of late created GM mosquitoes very recently and bred them in millions of male mosquitoes only, that are left in the state of Florida to mate with females and genetically kill the females so that there does not exist any female at all,, that bites humans.
What a wonderful thought for keeping their population always under stress and acidic adding more medical neurotic problems too. Very wonderful insightful post Rupam Das
Thank you to enlighten us all.

Rajendran Mariagnanam

Do not wait for the mosquitos to tell you whether you have stress or not. Get the stress diagnosed, quantify and qualify by Lyfas.

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