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We all know that eating more organic food, eating green vegetables, and not eating junk food and significantly improve your digestion. However, very few of us actually know or at least realize that the way you eat, has as much effect on your digestion and nutrient absorption as the type of food. This is because the more conscious you become at any task, your biological processes improve.


Consciousness is an integrated experience of the entire biological being as a unit. So, you, all the Bacterias in your body(and they are 9 times more than your genes), all your genes together create a consciousness, that is the way you experience the world.

The simple rule then is to feel and experience the food in such a way that your entire body, mind, genes, Bacterias can experience the food. Because the gut microbiome flora is responsible for regulating your mood and absorbing important minerals from food, it is super important for your Bacterias to experience the food and your mind to love it.


1) Eyes(Visual), Ear(Auditory), Nose(Smell), Mouth(Taste), and Hands(Feel) create our sensory matrix. A sensory matrix is a prime construct of consciousness.

2) Consciousness is in the mind and the mind is not in the brain, it is the experience of the entire biological being as a whole.

3) So, Consciousness comes from Sensory Construct, Memory Construct, Evolutionary Construct, Environmental Construct, Social construct, Cognitive construct, and so on.

4) Consciousness is the completeness, completeness is the core to fulfillment, a sense of the current moment.

5) We aspire to achieve (4), ie, Complete Consciousness

6) In order to meet (4), you need to satisfy (3) which can be done in the following ways:—


a) Best Sensory construct:- (1) has to be fulfilled. Hence:—

  • Eating with hand will give touch sense.
  • Not watching TV or mobile while eating will provide a visual sense.
  • Being present at the cooking site before eating will provide your nose the smell sense through food aroma.
  • Chewing the food well will create a sound that will elevate your hearing sense. It will also give you taste sense.

b) You have to try to remember what you are eating, how your body is feeling. (MEMORY).

c) You have to eat in a hygienic place(ENVIRONMENT).
d) You have to try to decode the ingredients from the taste(Cognition).

e) Eating together in a group will improve social consciousness.

f) Should be the objective in whatever you do, not just the food.

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The more conscious you become while eating, that consciousness is also experienced by your Bacterias and hormone system. Bacterias are more satisfied with the food and hence they absorb the minerals. Overall, you enjoy your eating and your body will be happy and will digest better.

Happy Eating.

Also, to add to the subject, I would like to emphasize that during our consultancies, we have found that more than what one eats, the way one eats affects one’s overall health. Giving all your feelings, thoughts, and emotions to eating often helps you to improve your eating significantly. If you are suffering from Reflux, Acidity, Gastric, and such GI issues for a long, then take your Lyfas test to know the issues and fix them.

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