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Are we looking for truth or only the facts that validate our belief?

Principle of Modern Science

  1. Make a hypothesis or an assumption about the possibility of a theory being true, called a null hypothesis.
  2. Perform experiments and gather statistics to reject the null hypothesis to prove that the hypothesis is no more a hypothesis, but a “proven fact”.

The Research Methodology of Modern Science

  1. Break a complex system into simple parts.
  2. Prove the functionalities of the blocks.
  3. The system is proven.

The Proof of a Scientific Theory in Modern Science

  1. Publishing the theory, experimental results in a peer-reviewed journal.
  2. Proving that it is continuous research.

The proof to the second point is that you refer to tons of other past works and discoveries and somehow prove that you have discovered nothing new, but rather you have observed some changes that are already being discovered by others.

You actually have to prove that you can not have independent thinking and observation, and if something was not proven earlier, your observation, senses, theory doesn’t really matter.

Comparing the number of observational papers that are accepted in elite journals, with the ones that present statistical correlation with some of the so-called gold standard works, you will know that the second one is so heavy in number that, one scientist may not even bother to publish an actual discovery paper.

The Traditional Science in History

Let us go back to the Greeks when science actually began. Socrates, Archimedes had a simple theology for science.

  1. Observe:- Build high senses and awareness.
  2. Abstract Pattern Recognition:- Let the brain discover patterns.
  3. Verify the patterns with observation in other domains.

The simple theory is that “An objective fact that is also true subjectively need no proof. One that needs proof, is not a fact”.

History says Newton saw an Apple falling in-ground and discovered Gravity. The same Newton also slept in a bed and must have observed how the bed compresses around the area he sleeps(if he did not, then he was not all that good observer, was he?).

Just because Newton did not see it, does not mean that the phenomenon of space-time bending did not exist and appeared out of nowhere to give a Nobel prize to Einstien. It simply means Newton’s observations had not yet been developed to see the higher dimensions and people’s senses were limited to searching in Oxford and Cambridge for answers.

EndNote On Comparision

The modern scholarly world is no different. If you have to state “I scratch when I sleep in a bad hotel room, due to bed bugs”, the so-called scholars argue “show me the reference proof of the principle”.

The so-called modern science is therefore impairment of senses, including common sense. You see what you want to see unless you are curious enough to see what no one sees. That is how patterns are discovered and higher senses are built.

Let me give an example. Our brain’s respiratory controller is CO2-managed, not O2 managed. All the Oxygen supplies are called Intermittent Oxygen supplies, where 1 hour of supply for every 3-4 hours, that is required for the body to store enough CO2.

Over Oxygenation removes CO2. This results in respiratory Alkalosis, leading to compensatory Acidosis and Necrosis, killing the lungs, impairing the brain’s respiratory control. Oxygen supply, more than the virus caused most losses in COVID.

That was common sense. No journal publishes common sense. Impaired awareness and collapsed ego(that Freud called Id) of not wanting to see beyond texts, takes more lives than any virus.

Soon, one would look for proof that we don’t shit from the mouth(though some do!) as science.

An Explorer’s View of Science.

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Lyfas does the real science. We bring wisdom and knowledge from human civilization, through history, evolution, ethology, geographical changes, and genetic footprints while analyzing your health vitals and data. Therefore you tell you about the real science of your body and what is actually happening inside your body like no one ever has. Want to know the real health and philosophy of your life?

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