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Let’s say that your life is 75 years, from the time of birth, till your death. You are only 20 now, but your timeline spans over 75 years, called the timeline.

How do 75 years matter when you are just 20?
When you are a child, people ask you, “what do you want to become”? Some say scientist, some say engineer, and so on. Your parents might have told you how getting a good job will be important in life and how good education is essential for that.

So, even when you were say 8-10 years old, your life is impacted by what you are going to be at the age of 22-25.

When you start your job, you start planning for retirement:- house, savings, etc. So, your current is affected by what you perceive the future to be.

Similarly, when you become 18, your confidence, ability to connect, and several other aspects of life depend upon how you were treated in childhood. No matter how much self-aware you become, you can’t ever bypass the effect of that childhood behavior with you and your memory of that time.

Therefore, you observe time, relative to this timeline that spans from your birth to death, irrespective of your current age.

The timelines of several other people(in reality, every human life on the planet), woven like a single dress, are called a time fabric.


Now, assume the combined timeline of everyone ever lived, and those who will live as a universe. Every person’s timeline from past to future is stitched like a big giant sari, where each timeline is a thread.

What queen victoria did, has a huge bearing on our lives today. 18 Million years back, the effort of an ape to stand-up, makes you, what you are today.

So, just like earth, Mars, Sun, are objects in space(space-time in reality, in relative to Big-Bang), you are an object in the time fabric.


Few time-objects like Da Vinci, Alexander, Cyrus, Newton, Ford, Steve-Jobs are like these giant stars, who bend the time fabric, exactly how huge stars bend the space-time fabric.

You are just an asteroid in the Kuiper belt, with very small gravity and no effect.

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Just as how the universe is a quantum integral of Neutrons, Electrons, Protons, every time-object at any time, relative to the timeline, as well as the time-fabric is a quantum integral of Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions. So, what you are now, can be defined by {What you feel, think, do}.

Each law of Quantum Physics is also applicable to Time-Universe.


What you are feeling now is just a proton in the time universe.

Unlike the inert Astroid, you have the awareness to make a change in the entire fabric by using the quantum principle on what you think and feel and using the theory of relativity on your timeline in the time fabric.

Question is, do you have that awareness?

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Unsolicited and non appointed advisors think they are relevant and offer you simplistic solution to complex time-fabric point.
Feeling lonely? Marry.
Difficulty in Marriage? Have Child.
Problem with Boss? Change Job.
Pandemic? Wear Mask.
Want pleasure? Have Sex.

These advisors and you, have no awareness to the time-fabric and can’t therefore comprehend that no matter what you do, your feelings at this moment won’t change. Over a period they will come to exact same point. So, getting a good job won’t make you happy. You have to simulate thought, emotions, actions as a conjunction, complex quantum integral and simulate it over a locally connected timeline, if not the fabric itself.

Come out of pity small feelings and insignificant plans to improve them. Start becoming more and more aware of the time-fabric and Physics around this to experince any changes in life.


Do you know that, any distant event in the past, be it directly associated with you, or has happened at a totally different place and time has a direct effect in your life? Now imagine the magnitude of effect your own life events have on you. You can not change those events for sure, but what you can do is to change the feelings and emotions attached with the events. However, you can only do so, once you become aware of your Autobiographical and Chronological emotional signature. Book your Lyfas test today to know how your past, like childhood, parents, early relationships are affecting your current health.

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