Your worth of the body and organs

Valuation of Human Body

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How much does it cost to replace the organs of the body (Valuation method:- Replacement Cost)

1. KIDNEY:- Per Kidney transplant cost=5L, for two kidneys=10L. Post surgery=10k/pm or 1.2L/year. For 60 years average life, 72L.

2. LIVER:- Transplant cost=25L average.

3. LUNGS:- Average 25L per lungs, 50L in. total.

4. EYE:- 1L per transplant, 2L in total.

5. HEART:- 25L for transplant, 2L yearly cost on medicines thereafter. For 60 average years=1.2Cr.

6. 🦿LEGS:- Prosthetic legs= 1.2L average, for two legs about 2.5L.

7. 🦾 HANDS:- 1.5L per prosthetic hand, 3L in total.

8. 🦷TEETH:- Full mouth dental implant cost=0.5L

9. COLON:- Colon transplant cost=30L.

10. 🦴 BONES:- Bone Marrow transplant cost=15L.

So, you are born with approximately 3.5Cr rupees.


1. 💨 AIR:- a human consumes about 550 liters of pure oxygen per day. The lowest cost of a 1-liter portable oxygen cylinder is Rs 500. At this rate,

a human consumes oxygen worth about 2.75L per day, or 10Cr a year, or 600 Cr for an average of 60 year’s life.

12. 💦 WATER:– 135Ltr/capita/Day. 500/- tanker for 6000 Ltr means 11/- Day, or 4000/- per year or 2.4L for 60 years’ life.

Born with a 3.5Cr valuation, invested 600cr, and you still are worried about money. You crib of helplessness, misery, and pain in life. Celebrate life & Value Yourself!

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