How to become more successful by knowing and changing your mindset with lyfas
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Type of Mindset

When you have a seemingly difficult new task to perform, (say learning to fly a copter), your mind tells you how to go about it.

  • A nagative mindset will tell you “what is the point of flying? I am not going to be a professional pilot anyways. Besides, flying is too tough and dangerous. I can’t fly”.
  • A positive mindset on the other hand might tell you “wow, flying is fun. What’s max? I may die? That’s okay. I can easily do it. There are so many pilots. If I learn a new skill, who knows I may end up being a pilot and earn a lot more?”
  • A practical mindset is analytical in nature. It will evaluate pros and cons with a lot of balance. “How much cost for learning? What will I gain after learning? How to insure my life in case of a mishap?”
  • A strong mindset is opportunity grabber with risk aversion. “What all I need to learn to fly? How can I be the best pilot? learn fast?”
  • A learner mindset is one, that always see a learning even in the worst life events. It always wants to learn from the events, and wants to learn more.
  • A complaining and comparing mindset is part of the negative mindset, that is driven by jealousy and envy and is always compaing and complaining about the world.
Growth vs. Fixed Mindset
Fixed vs A Growth Mindset

A negative mindset will make you miserable, a positive mindset will make you adventurous, a practical mindset will make you a good higher middle class and a Strong mindset will invariably turn you into an Entrepreneur or Scientist of some sort.

Furthermore, a growth mindset is a combination of the practical, strong, and positive mindset whereby you think that you are to improve every day, you are to learn.

So, what mindset do you have?


Technically, the mindset is the particular wiring of your brain that helps your brain to think in one specific direction or a particular way. Once your brain gets the confidence that you are not judging it for the imperfection, failures, insecurities and give it the confidence that it is okay to be not the best and it is always a daily quest to improve one by every day.

In order to make any changes in any of the systems, you first have to have a detailed understanding of the system. Do you know that Lyfas gives a complete and detailed profile of your mind? Lyfas is probably the only system that provides you a comprehensive drill-down of your thoughts and mental model, including your mindset. Take a Lyfas Assessment today to learn about your mindset and then take actions to change it and improve it.

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