Awareness Deficiency may cause serious health issues

Awareness Deficiency

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Some 500 years back, if a person had epilepsy and seizure, guess what was the diagnosis? People would have considered that person to have been possessed by demons. If the patient was very lucky, he would have been chained to a dark room. Most, however, were not as fortunate. They would be burnt.

Before Ignaz Semmelweis, an Austrian doctor discovered that newborn babies and their mothers were dying because the physicians did not clean their hands at the time of delivery, thousands of mothers and their children had died in front of the doctors.

It is the same human race, same eyes, same ears, same nose, same touch, same mouth, and same brain that process the senses. Then why we were not always aware of what is so obvious?


Thalamus is part of the medulla section of the brain, which constructs the limbic system acts as a relay center for all the senses, excluding smell.

It relays the information to respective parts of the brain, where the signals are converted into data, and then they are sent to the pre-frontal cortex for deriving meaning.

Hypothalamus, located just below the Thalamus, acts as the coordination between the Endocrine and Nervous systems. Sensory information is sent to the autonomic flight and fight system and also is sent to Amygdala, which matches the signature with evolutionary memory and releases danger or pleasure signals. Based on this, Hypothalamus signals the Pituitary gland for releasing hormones.

The Hippocampus section of the midbrain encodes the emotional response with event data constructed by Thalamus and sends it to the Prefrontal cortex.

Today, we process all the sensory information in the prefrontal cortex. PFC requests for past data from Hippocampus, which extracts long term memory maps from Cerebellum

PFC then compares past experiences, knowledge, habit, and behavioral data sent to it by Basal Ganglia, hormonal signature, Self-image, to build the meaning of senses, called AWARENESS.


PFC creates a weak meaning and takes a very long time(hours), if subject knowledge, past memory, problems solved, experience, social interaction, evolutionary, ecological & historical awarenesses are low.

So, if Hypothalamus doesn’t get any response from PFC within an hour, activates Flight and Fight response.

After this, the awareness is purely governed by the Limbic brain, and response is managed through the Lizard brain.

This Lizard-brain processing of a situation is called low-level awareness/consciousness, which Freud named Id. If your body has a particular hormonal state(pleasure, anger, pain, insult, etc), and Hypothalamus has activated an Autonomic response, even PFC will extract the meaning of this overdose of hormones.

You will thank yourself for being aware, even though that is just as primitive as an awareness of a snake.

Awareness is very slow and mild, hidden inside hormonal overdrive. You first have to develop the sense to sense the awareness to have an awareness.

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Lack of awareness is not merely just ignorance. This is directly linked to reduced consciousness. Serotonin is our consciousness hormone. Therefore low awareness is a sign of low Serotonin. As such, neuroplasticity is a function of Serotonin, and therefore low awareness may also point towards memory loss, which in turn may lead to compromised immunity.

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