Low self-love, social distancing and remain in home unlocks your anti-social genes. Screen with Lyfas, and heal before your personality disorder becomes pathological
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A child needs the following for a healthy mental development and attachment style:-

1) Unconditional & Unbiased love of parents.
2) Seeing the parents in love.
3) Isolate, explore-individualize, integrate.

But what a large bunch of generations after 1990 have got:-

1) If you achieve this, then we will love you more.
2) Comparison with others.
3) Golden child.
4) Absent fathers & emotionally unstable mothers.
6) Isolated upbringing.
7) Disconnected Parents.

This leaves the child as vulnerable, and to hide that vulnerability, they put up a mask of strong/too nice/obedient, etc. They appear charming, confident, but underneath remains an impulsive, aggressive, fearful child. This psychotic personality disorder comes under Cluster-B.

Most prevalent being Borderline in females, and Anti-social PD(ASPD) & Passive-Aggressive in men.
They are strongly opinionated to protect the persona and need external validation for persona preservation.

The pandemic takes away the validation supply. There is no assurance to the fake persona. It is retraumatization, and the child panics.

How can a lonely child survive without parents? So the body and mind give up.

COVID-19 hasn’t disturbed Mental-Health, It has just exposed It.


In our work with COVID-19 patients for one year, we have compiled and analyzed data of over 6 thousand individuals. As one of our focus areas is mind and emotions, we always start the diagnosis from there.

The analysis gives strong evidence that in 75% + cases where COVID has gone into week two or three, either the patient(in 60% cases) or the attenders(in 40%) cases are either aggressive/impulsive or suffer from parents/partner induced trauma.
75%+ Cluster-B classified cases!!

In normal times, they could act, hold onto external objects like Cars, Banglows, expensive clothes, Jobs, status for self-assurance and validation.

Pandemic and this disease impart fear. Almost 70% of the patients we dealt with were super fearful in their hearts. The fear of death, losing someone, anxiety. They had lost sleep, and about 70% of them had no strong emotional bonding with their partners.

They are afraid of death and do not want to live at the same time. This panic leads to autonomic stress that totally compromises immunity.

Meditation doesn’t help anymore because it is the deepest fear coming true(lonely child).


A Cluster-B personality disorder to a great deal is Antisocial personality disorder. The meaning is that the individuals that are at the higher side of this scale do often engage in activities that are not desirable in society and hence these individuals often end up having bad and stressed relationships in their lives.

The pandemic by design was to promote anti-social behaviors like social distancing, away from people and limited to home, and so on. Thus, the anti-social genes( that are present in all of us compensate for such stress when we are cut off the social fabric) have unlocked. This is like every tree has the genes to have roots from the stem, but only in a few do they get unlocked.

Once a gene is unlocked, it is hard to unwind its effect; once you become anti-social, the generations to come would remain the same.

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Needless to say, that cancer can still be cured. This is because, after a certain time, you would take the assistance of the Oncologists when the pain would become unbearable. But in most Cluster-B disorders, it is the people around you, who would bear the pain. So, your chances of identifying the issues would be thin and far. It will almost always be either too late, or too bad.

If you are suffering from loneliness and social anxiety, then know for sure that they have extraordinary effects not only on you, people around you, but your future generations too. Ignorance is not bliss. If you have a doubt, then that is real. Take the help of Lyfas today and we will not only help you to spot the issues accurately but also at the same time, help you to heal.

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