Laws of Stupidity

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In the ’70s an Italian by the name Cipolla proposed a wonderful model for stupidity, simple, yet efficient and complete.

He proposed five laws of Stupidity. In a nutshell, almost 95% of the people that we are surrounded by are stupids. And we often underestimate our chances of being one of them. Stupids are more dangerous than we may think, at times even more dangerous than the bandits.

So, let’s have a simple understanding of the model.

The model of stupidity is around a cost-benefit analysis. Here benefit can be any metric, money, energy, knowledge, emotions.

There are four outcomes to any person’s pursuits and actions:- Profit to Self, Profit to Others, Loss to Self, Loss to Others.

Stupids are the one who causes loss to others with profound loss to self. Stupidity is often an outcome of losing self and becoming an Amygdala-driven Aggressive, Arrogant, Attention seeking individual.

Politicians and other profiteers are bandits. They loot you to accumulate profit for themselves. But, you spot them easily and can avoid them.

What is hard however is spotting Stupids and avoiding them. Because the sheer number of Stupids you are surrounded by is so huge, that stupidity appears natural and normal.

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Because the core of stupidity is bypassing the pre-frontal cortex and thinking brain, Stupids are instinct-driven and extremely rigid in their views(Read my post on Identity, Image, Self). 9


1) Share insignificant good news and observe their eyes for jealousy for some microseconds.
2) Oppose their beliefs and views, and become silent.

When you see a person goes on blabbering to explain and make you believe what he feels is right, and when the person becomes arrogant and aggressive, that is the final stamp.

Oh, and every stupid considers themselves as a cleaver. That’s the best part of it.


If you feel too helpless, you are feeding a stupid. You are trying too hard to give one penny to a stupid in exchange for your 100 rupees. Often it appears very attractive, but soon your drain and lose everything.

If someone has looted you to become rich, celebrate for being not stupid, you were just fooled by a bandit.


Never engage, argue, explain, a stupid of what you know is right, because he/she won’t accept it.

You will lose your energy and emotions, and the stupid too will lose his/her. You will become negative and will end up losing a lot of your own well-being trying to convert the stupid to so-called cleaver. In the quest, you will lose your energy, time, emotions, and the stupid will gain nothing too, essentially turning you into a stupid too.


Because 95% are stupids, anything that is being believed true by the masses is by the rule is stupid. So, you avoid being stupid, by stopping believing what everyone around you believes is true, irrespective. of 100cr number!

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As the law suggests that all of us are an extend stupid, some more than others and some are pathological. Awareness is the key to keeping the stupidity away and improving your chances of not making losses. Your self-knowledge can help you to make better decisions in life.

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