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😠 Narcissism, Psychopathy, Secondary Psychopathy, Anxiety Disorder

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1) Narcissists are often abused, children. They might have witnessed an extremely aggressive father abusing a helpless mother. They might have experienced raging perfectionists, dominating and controlling fathers. Narcissism, therefore, is a dominating defense against abuse.

2) Psychopaths are mostly golden children. Objectified by parents, hailed as superior, kept away from the other children, boasted by parents as being special. All their needs are being met with a drop of a hat. They get the best out of life.
Psychopathy becomes a supporting tool of validation for superiority.

In a #dead mother syndrome, this becomes a defense for the child. This is when there is no paternal abuse, and yet the mother is absent. No emotions are developed whatsoever.

3) Anxious personality disorder:- Anti-Social personality disorder(ASPD) gets developed as a validation to the belief that I am not good enough. There is an underneath Anxiety of inferiority, that is compensated with self-boasting, storifying life around strong opinions, as there is no core there.

This is often a result of triangulating parents offering a constant comparison with others and devaluing the child. The child feels rejected by the parents. This is often when the father is Anxious.

So, anxiety disorder develops as ASPD as a tool to compensate for parental triangulation.

4) Codependent:- Those of (1)/(3) develop codependency. They look for that perfect mother/father who would soothe the inner child. Their secondary defense becomes Narcissism(1). Many Narcissistic Personality also shows a high degree of codependency.

Because (3) is an outcome of conditional love, where under low-performance parents were absent, secondary defense becomes psychopathy(2).


5) People pleasing, Idealization, and Gambling Addiction are very dominant in Anxious people.

Their core is negative and is like an opinionated storybook. As the stories can’t be maintained for long, they lose people. Anxious people are not grandiose but suffer more from self-humiliation, “not-good-enough” syndrome. They are socially avoidant.

Narcissists and Psychopaths on the other hand are more addicted to drinking and less towards gambling. Because they are perfect. They don’t need luck, they have what it takes to become successful. They are more social because they need cheerleaders to boast their superiority.


6) Anxious personalities attract either a Narcissist(child inside), or a Psychopath(Fatherly or Motherly), or another Anxious personality(soul-mate).

Narcissists do not attract another Narcissist or Psychopath or healthy individual(Read again). But, many healthy individuals get attracted to Anxious personalities, as their outer mask is healthy, and then the healthy becomes co-dependent.

Oh, and most self-proclaimed “empaths” have Anxiety disorder with secondary grade Grandiose Narcissism.

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Thoughts and Views of Others

Beautifully presented Rupam. I wish to add another in your list, Attention Seeking Disorder (ASD), which can be noted in both the ‘privileged’ and ‘under privileged’ persona. Brain attains adulthood at the age of 4. All you have mentioned including ASD start growing further, branching and rebranching and at the age of early adulthood it becomes pathological, demanding and cause of severe stress and frustration for others around. NPD and ASD are much common in the society. These are serious problems. During my practising career I have seen many. Now it’s even too much!! Thanks

Dr. Subhagata Chattopadhayay

And there is a very thin line in identifying who’s who. Basically all tend to be negatively charged, all are products of First hand outbursts of injustice and aggression.

The young mind either ducks itself into own self and goes within develops anxieties, or he starts getting imprints of all what’s Happening around, on his delicate, under developed social psyche and comes out to be a Psychopath or Narcissist.

Based on my Research ‘AstroHomoelogy’ I can tell Who will be leaning towards which of these types from early childhood age. 🙏


Prolonged relationships and proximity with any of these personalities cause significant damage to your own psyche and mental wellbeing. You feel like walking on shells and you start mirroring them, in turn shifting towards cluster B personality disorder. Therefore it is very important to screen your own traits and to understand the degree of damage to your psychology they have caused. If you are wondering whether you yourself are a narcissist or not, it is a tale-tale sign that you are living with one. Get your Lyfas test done today and screen for your personality disorders. We will help you to fix the damage if we find those.

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