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Short Blog: Who are Self-Proclaimed Empaths?

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Empathy is part of consciousness. Like other things this is a spectrum, some have it more than others, but every living being who is conscious(including bacterias) has it. If bacterias did not have consciousness (and thus empathy), they would have killed the host in no time with population expansion. But they don’t. Our body is occupied by several bad bacterias. They irritate us but don’t kill us(ex:- UTI).

So, one doesn’t have to claim “I am alive/human”. It is given. In the same way, one doesn’t have to claim I am an empath(because even bacterias are).

To what degree and under what condition your empathy will be exercised and experienced is part of your upbringing, cognition, environment, condition, etc. Both the experience and the exercise are conditional on several inputs.

For example, you may feel empathetic about the death of a friend more than you will experience the death sentence of a mass murderer.

Those who claim themselves to be empaths are unaware, and thus low in consciousness and thus carries cognitive dissonance and thus suffers BPD, and thus mostly suffers, and thus becomes victims.

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