How to improve your social skills and connect to more people?
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Social well-being is one of the major aspects of our overall well-being. One of the core desires of any human being is that we do not want to remain alone. We are social animals. We are the only species in the world that can connect and maintain connections with more than 13 others of our kind. In today’s time of social media, when connections have become easier, we are going far away from each other. We are slowly losing our best skills of social connections. The more you become lonely, the more you feel insecure. It is important to start connecting to people and make a community and circle of your own.

We meet people all the time, in the street, on buses, in our professional meetings. How to create a meaningful network out of all the people you meet?


1. Meet anybody(tea Wala, guard, mechanic), greet them with a broad smile. Ask name and remember the name.

2. Engage them with the conversation, try to learn many interesting stories from their life. Address them with names.


3. Show empathy and appreciate what they are doing. For example: Ask a waiter, how hard it must be to serve all the food without feeling hungry? Listen to their story, because no one asked them this.
Ex2: For married women, appreciate their work home balance.

Share Stories

4. If it is an official meeting, either vendor or client or anything, talk personal stories in between official talk. Research, learn things about them, take them to a childhood memory.


5. If you want to help, always offer help which you can succeed at, have to invest less time and money.

Continue Thread

6. When you meet next time, pick up a thread you discussed the first time.
7. Don’t use mobile!!!!!

People mainly look for:

1. Attention.
2. Affection
3. Appriciation
4. wanting to be heard of.
Make anyone you meet the hero, learn stories, be genuinely interested in them and write down the stories.


Do you know that anti-social personality disorder and loneliness are becoming the biggest health and social challenge in the 21st century, mainly after the second wave of pandemics? Work from home, lockdowns, unknown future, and many such issues are hurting people by pushing them to the corner and making them alone. No traditional health assessment systems evaluate social wellbeing. Lyfas is the first-ever system to integrate social wellbeing into the overall health of the people. If you are suffering from loneliness and social anxiety, get your Lyfas social wellbeing assessment done today.

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