Manipulators have physiological changes that are detected by Lyfas

How to Easily Detect a Probable Dishonest Life Partner and Business Partner?

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Made bad choices in life as far as people are concerned? Those you trusted betrayed you? Here is a simple mechanism for you to be aware of such wrong people.

How do you know the person you are talking to is authentic or is going to cheat you and a bad man/woman in the disguise as a genuine person?

Eyes 👁

When you meet your probable life partner, a friend, business partner, or anyone you want to have a relationship with, you must pay no attention to what they say but how much they say without moving their eyes.

A dishonest person feels very uncomfortable keeping eye contact for long. Because they feel that another person is checking him/her out and internally is uncomfortable.

When you are talking to your probable partner, talk about maintaining eye contact. If he/she is looking away every now and then, he is not to be trusted.

Smile ☺

A fake smile is one where the smile appears only on lips. A true smile will appear in the eyes. Eyes will sparkle, pupil, dilated. So when your probable partner is exchanging smiles with you, imagine seeing only the upper half of your face. For cheat and dishonest, you can clearly see cold eyes.

Don’t let the sweet words of people fool you, look for honesty in the eyes, not in words.

Bonus Trick

Often liars and cheaters appear confident, as they tell a story to themselves and convince themselves about this story. This is the same story they tell others. Problem is that they have repeated these stories so many times that they themselves have forgotten the reality. Because of this, they appear more charming and confident, as they don’t need to pay attention to you, all they have to do is be aware of themselves and their stories. What you can do is that challenge what your potential partner is saying. Counter him/her, tell him or her that you don’t believe in what he/she is saying. An honest person generally has facts and data to prove his claims. But a liar and a dishonest person resort to aggression to defend himself/herself. The potential partner will become frustrated and aggressive the moment you counter-question them.

So, oppose and reject what your potential partner is saying to trigger the person’s insecurity, if the person becomes angry, just run.


Why Lyfas has been so successful in helping people suffering from partner problems? Lyfas takes your body’s physiological changes with a non-invasive mobile application. When people lie, there are physiological changes, because the mind knows the fact and it has to conceal the reality. The liar and cheater’s body temperature lowers, he sweats and there are other subtle changes. We have over millenniums of years of evolution have been trained to pick up these traits. Therefore when we spend time with a person who has an intention of cheating, our gut knows it, because it has picked up those changes. Hence there is a physiological change that happens in your body too. We measure your snapshot under normal conditions, and then just before and after the interaction with this potential partner to pick up the subtle changes.

Thereafter we ask you to carry on the same process once more. If in two or more interactions with your partner, your physiological traits degrade, which do not degrade when you interact with the others, then your gut sees things in your partner, that your conscious brain can’t pick. Take Lyfas today to know if you are really dealing with a potential cheater who might go on to harm you.

So, if you think, you are suffering due to lias and manipulation of your partner or potential partner, take Lyfas.

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