What is the correlation of stories with love?
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Every relationship is transactional(barring of course the mother-new born baby love), which are held by several factors like- growth, knowledge, emotions, energy, resources, power and so.

A relationship exists when one form of energy is given to a partner in response to the other or combined energies(resources) of different forms is given to some other entity for growth.

For example, a marriage is one where a man and a woman exchange physical and emotional energies, resulting in family, which is then contributed by both through their financial and empathetic responses for the growth of the family(Mesopotamian marriage clause 3200 BC).


For centuries, authors and poets, and painters have portrayed love as unconditional, pure, free of transactions and exchanges.

However, can not be true, because, by the law of physics, any entity, or entities where there is no exchange of energies, transactions are in perfect homeostasis, or dead(100% equilibrium is dead, 99.99% is a universal law of life/systems).

So, there is something that holds the relationship, there must be something that we are not aware of that keeps the relationships going, and make them look unconditional. Right? Something so common as the air that is not noticeable.

That is stories.

So, stories are the prime exchange of objects between a man and a woman, which makes the love appear seamless, timeless, everlasting, transactionless.



In a hunter-gatherer society setting, men used to go hunting, and the females used to wait for their man to come with calories, and of course with stories. Men would narrate the experience which the woman would remember and then would narrate to her kids and others. They had to focus on details so that they could offer insights to their man in next hunting, and could teach heroics of father to daughter and stories to son.

Because she was not on the ground, she had to have a vivid imagination to realistically visualize the scenes. Her imagination kept getting stronger.

So, evolutionarily females are great listeners, have super memory for stories and men have been good narrators.


From the late 17th Century, men would go to work in mines and factories and had limited stories to tell. This is the time when females started reading and literature became popular. They would tell these stories to their man when they are back.

Coupled with their imagination skills, many females became great writers. Agatha Christy and many female authors wrote great best-selling novels, mainly on love, drama, suspense which was rare before the 17th Century.


TVs in the early 90s meant that both saw the same stories, books started declining. Both focussed more on skills than stories because globalization would mean, they had to keep improving knowledge to remain in jobs.

In the night there were no stories to share other than workplace stuff.

Stories died, so did love.

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