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Long back in 1892, the father of modern Psychology Freud and his prodigy Carl Jung introduced 💡Oedipus Syndrome, and 💡Electra Complex respectively. As per the foundation, a child is in a psychosexual intimate relationship with a same-sex parent(mother-son, daughter-father), and in an envy-jealousy relationship with an opposite-sex parent.

💡The ability to create an intimate relationship in adulthood depends ONLY & ONLY on the intimacy of parents.


1. The mother and son are attached by a psychosexual relationship, where at the deepest brain, the son’s sexuality gets developed from the mother.

2. The son is envious of his father, and wants to progress higher than his father, to be “the man of the mother”.

3. Due to the fact that unlike men, who have separate brain centers for sexuality and emotions, women have only one epicenter, the mother finds it hard to be sexually attracted to her husband after the son’s birth.

4. A female child, develops her sexuality from her father and sees her mother as a competitor.

5. A uncaring, unloving, or unavailable father or a fatherly figure, results in impulsivity in the daughter, making it impossible for her to ever have a long-term relationship.

6. Angry, ruthless, and emotionally unavailable husbands cause so much trauma to the wife, that she ends up giving everything to her son, her man so that he never grows up and leaves. The man always fails to keep an LTR because of his underdeveloped sexuality, because his mother kept him a child.

7. If you ask any girl, who is in “deep love” with a guy, what attracts her, she would say “the childishness”. No matter how strong, muscular, or Masculine a guy is, he tries to find a mother’s replacement as his life partner and finds it hard to detach.

8. A female, who was Princess of her father, finds it hard to create a good long-term relationship with her partner because there is an internal shame of “cheating her father”. Even if you hold her hands in front of her father, she gets uncomfortable and tries to avoid it.

9. No matter how loving a mother-in-law appears, she hates her daughter-in-law, because the girl has taken her “man” away.


A daughter and her father, and mother and her son are intimate for over 2 decades. Do you really think a new relationship has the ability to overcome that? Needs super inhuman effort.

Add to that the subtle strings of manipulation by the girl’s father through his wife, and the guy’s mother overtly. Add to that the Adult Child and Impulsive girl syndrome.

Add to that the possible underdeveloped/aggressive sexuality and lack of intimacy in “fatherless children”.

Why it is hard to alter the dynamic of Electra Complex and Oedipus?

1. Our brain’s cerebellum stores long-term memory. Every memory is encoded with emotions. A child has no rationalization ability. So, most early memories are purely emotionally plain.

2. All the emotional cues come from this early memory. In fact, such memories start right at the embryo stage. These are the deepest memory and can’t be changed.

3. So the intimacy deficiency syndrome gets created right at the embryo stage. This is then reinforced within 2 years of birth when the child observes and experiences unexpected parental behaviors.

4. These psychosexual interplay between the minds of parents and children are subtle, full of guilt and shame, and thus no one is either told or aware.

5. As we do not have the critical thinking, or ability to live by facts and truth, we find a magic pill for all problems. A child will solve all the marital problems. No, the child just amplifies it.


Girls have Estrogen levels almost 10x more than men, they will suffer mood swings and emotional trauma of divorce as long as they live and will pass that trauma to the child while acting hard to maintain a happy face.

You are at the evolutionary end game. Pause and Think.

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🩸 If this post helped you by adding to your knowledge, would you consider donating a small amount to motivate us to keep writing posts with scientific research? We are a small startup, and your donation matters a lot for us.

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