Test your immunity with Lyfas
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Anyone who is so worried about getting infected by CORONA Virus, and dying by COVID-2003, are in reality suffering from hypochondriasis, and Anxiety, which is due to Gut Dysbiosis, which leads to malabsorption of micro-nutrients.

At the cellular level, nutrient deficiency leads to impaired Melatonin production. Melatonin drives the anti-oxidant networks and keeps the Circadian clocks of the master gland SCN and each organ at sync. Therefore, the body’s Circadian clock gets out of Sync.

This makes these people Non-dippers, leading to dysregulated hypertension.

Inhibition of cellular Melatonin secretion coupled with an out-of-sync Circadian clock leads to insomnia. This keeps the Adrenaline “switch” on for long, flooding the body with Epinephrine, elevating heart rate and anxiety.

Loss of Circadian clock sync leads to hyperinsulinemia leading to inhibition of Serotonin receptors.

Lack of Serotonin leads to higher Histamine expression.

So, the more booster, the more inflammation due to excess Histamine.

Put them in sunlight, let them drink Electrolyte water, take out packaged food, and make them watch comedy. It will fix Vitamin D, Melatonin, increase sleep, turn off Adrenaline.

Health is simple, scam is complicated.

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