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💊 Pills Mania:- How Excess Use of Medicines Harmed Population Health During COVID

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Question1:- Why pills?

Answer:- The virus stayed in the body for only a month, if we manage the symptoms, then the body can fight.

Truth:- Body fights, that’s why symptoms appear. Eg:-Shivering is a mechanism by the Sympathetic system to release stress across the animal kingdom.

Question 2:- Why 12mg of Ivermectin?


Truth:- Actual dose=0.25mg/day/kg body weight. So, for 50kg weight, it is 12.5mg. But does everyone have 50kg Weight?

Question 3:- Why Azythromicin?

Answer:- To prevent secondary infection.

Truth:- Really? Antibiotics are Prophylactic? So, you don’t need to check the presence of SI, you can just give med and cause Dysbiosis?

Question4:- Why Zincovit, Limcee?

Answer:- Zinc reduces inflammation. Vitamin C and other Vitamins increase Immunity response.

Truth:- True. But only if one is deficient, then a supplement is needed and only till one has sufficient. How do you know the exact level of deficiency?

Excess Zinc and Vitamin C:-
Zinc:- ZnCl>20% lowers iron absorption, causing AF, Ferritin, and Neutropenia. Excess Zinc, Vit-C reduces Cu, which again is important for Iron absorption. Resulting in a free Fe+ increase. Excess Iron and Neutropenia are prime causes of Black Fungus, and Fe+⬆️ causes a leaky gut.

These pills work perfectly the way they should, but not you are told that they work!


There is a simple rule of science:- “If you can’t explain a hypothesis of why something works, prove it mathematically, make it understood to a kid by an analogy, then the hypothesis doesn’t work”.

One of the main oaths of a medical profession is “I shalt do no harm”.

This pandemic has eroded common sense like the erosion of a sandcastle on a beach. Humans are turned into animal specimen like mice. Meaningless medicines are being administered to an entire population without any animal trial. HCQ, Medrol, FeviFlu, Blood Thinners, Vitamin Supplements, and the list is endless.

Arm-chair experts who have never spent a day with a dying patient, saving the patient, are dictating policies and protocols without any accountability to lives. The public is then made to believe these nonsenses through media fear-psychosis.

No mathematical proof, empirical data, statistical significance, biochemistry monitoring, nothing. Just mad trials and errors on humans.

An entire generation’s bio-equilibrium is altered. Youngstars are left with Fatty Liver, Leaky Gut, Diabetes, damaged endothelial, shrunk Lungs, fibrillating heart.

Conditions that 25-40-year-old population are left to deal with for the rest of their lives.

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