Measure your Empathy with Lyfas

Short Blog: Who are Self-Proclaimed Empaths?

Where you fall in the Empathy scale? Do you have a structural empathy or it is…

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Plants and Life's Philosophy

🌴 What Do Plants Teach Us About Health?

Do you know that from a small mosquito to plants, everything has a thing or two…

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Lyfas Allergy detection diagnosis and treatment

🤧 Is There Any Relationship Between Allergy and Childhood?

Suffering with long term allergy? Know the most uncommon, untold and pressing reasons for allergy.

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Test your eating habits and digestion with Lyfas and fix them today

How to improve your digestion by changing the way you eat?

How conscious eating(bringing all senses, cognition, feeling, thoughts, focus) in eating can significantly improve your digestion…

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