Screen, Detect, Diagnose, Monitor, Manage, Treat and Heal COVID-19 from Home with Lyfas non invasive diagnostics and therapeutics of minimum medicine, maximum outcome

🤒How We Healed 1089 COVID-19 patients(100%) With Minimum Medicines Maximum Outcome.

How we healed 1089 patients without any hospitalization, Oxygen Cylinder, any Steroids or costly medical therapy.

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Lyfas is a Data Driven, Evidence Based, Root Cause Diagnosis

Causation Diagnostics Towards Cure of Chronic Diseases

Learn what causes a disease and illness and how to diagnose the root cause?

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Lyfas combines US style of Technology driven Evidence based Diagnosis and Protocol based Treatment, with That of Indian Style of Holistic Health Diagnosis and Healing

US vs Indian Healthcare and How Lyfas Combines Both?

The US System The US has a fascinating culture-derived out of “modern science” 1. You define…

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