How Lyfas can detect your Gut health and help you understand the effect of Vaccination on the Gut health.

💉 The Effect of Microbiome in Human Body on the Efficacy of the Vaccines

Effect of Gut Microbiome On Vaccine and Vice Versa. Do Vaccines Affect the Gut Health? Can…

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How Corona Virus communicates with Human hosts and try to negotiate the biological homeostasis

🗯 Virus-Host Communication(VHS) and Homeostasis(VHH):- How Novel Corona Virus Communicates with Humans

How Novel Corona Virus starts communicating with the human host cells as soon as it enters…

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Detect your COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy in You by checking Functional Immunity with Lyfas

Effect of Thymus on Vaccine Efficacy

Our immunity organ Thymus becomes smaller and smaller. Understand how Thymus involution and Atrophy effects the…

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Lyfas Allergy detection diagnosis and treatment

🤧 Is There Any Relationship Between Allergy and Childhood?

Suffering with long term allergy? Know the most uncommon, untold and pressing reasons for allergy.

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