Lyfas Subclinical Depression paper ISSN 2641-4317

Lyfas, A Smartphone-Based Subclinical Depression Tracker ISSN 2641-4317

The study found that 77% of the subjects (84% females and 72% males) showed traces of…

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Awareness Deficiency may cause serious health issues

Awareness Deficiency

How low awareness is a pointer to decreased memory and immunity, and increased risk of insomnia…

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Screen Mental Health Non-invasively using Lyfas mobile tool

Complex vs Complicated: The Life’s Path and Decisions

How prolonged confusion can cause mental health problems that result into memory loss and disassociate syndrome.

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Lyfas non-invasive cancer diagnosis early stage

Property Disputes:- The Cause of Cancer that No One Told You

CONTEXT:- In Indian families, property disputes are common. Often engage in legal battles pertaining to the…

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Laws of Stupidity

Know your mind's signature, and become aware of your chances of DECISION anxiety and bad decisions.

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Healing Mechanism For Female Borderline Personality Disorder

1. If she remembers her life’s chronology, she has a core. In such a case she…

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