Test your eating habits and digestion with Lyfas and fix them today

How to improve your digestion by changing the way you eat?

How conscious eating(bringing all senses, cognition, feeling, thoughts, focus) in eating can significantly improve your digestion…

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Self-Love deficiency syndrome

Self Love

Self-love deficiency syndrome is the core to attracting wrong people in life, and suffering due to…

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Temporal Theory of Relativity:- How Julius Caesar Felt Meeting Cleopatra Has an Effect on Your Promotion

How all the events that happens at any given time or place, directly or indirectly has…

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Awareness Deficiency may cause serious health issues

Awareness Deficiency

How low awareness is a pointer to decreased memory and immunity, and increased risk of insomnia…

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Loneliness and Depression causes significant health problems


SAVANNAH to SAHARA:- On and around 10,000 BCE, Sahara was a lush green land, a Savannah.…

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FINDING “WHO I AM”? The Identity & Core Model

Know if you have a strong core and identity, or are you have an insecurity of…

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