Lyfas Subclinical Depression paper ISSN 2641-4317

Lyfas, A Smartphone-Based Subclinical Depression Tracker ISSN 2641-4317

The study found that 77% of the subjects (84% females and 72% males) showed traces of…

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How meditation helps to reduce the stress in the body

Can Meditation Lower Blood pressure and Cardiac risk?

How guided meditation and meditation can lower your stress, anxiety, improve vasodilation and help reducing hypertension,…

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How insecured parenting makes an adult nervous about even a small cut and may lead to life threatening conditions

Why Parents Must Expose Their Kids to Danger?

How insecured parents may end-up over-protecting their children in the childhood? How such a conservative upbringing…

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Lyfas provides physiological effect of long term usage of masks and can help analyze the pathological effect of the saame.

😷 What happens when you wear masks for a long time? A Lyfas Case Study

Mask induces Tissue Hypoxia, Tissue Necrosis, Acidosis, and May lead to Pulmonary Embolism. Find out in…

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Stress of Studies due to family pressure and expectations

🥵 Why Do Young Teenagers feel Stressed Out in Studies, and Don’t Get The Result Even After Working So Hard?

How pressure of expectations and stress can cause significant mental and emotional damage to the teenagers…

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Lyfas non-invasive cancer diagnosis early stage

Property Disputes:- The Cause of Cancer that No One Told You

CONTEXT:- In Indian families, property disputes are common. Often engage in legal battles pertaining to the…

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