Hamilton Depression Scale Clinically Validated With Lyfas

Clinically Validated Most Reliable Depression Self-Assessment Test for Free: Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HDRS) Self Depression Assessment

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In the post-COVID times, the mental health in the general population has significantly degraded. Depression has been one of the leading issues in mental health challenges. Depression has long been clinically considered a silent killer. In most cases of suicides, it has been seen that depression has been the most common comorbidity, and many times the major underneath condition.

Mental health is still a taboo in India and most parts of the world. Talking about depression is considered as being weak, and often the society and people around you start judging you. Depression is the outcome of months of neglect, stress, and inner pain, if not years. Lyfas Depression tracker has been validated with the HDRS tool. Therefore we are bringing this gold standard self-depression tracking tool to you. What separates us from the other sites that offer the mental health questionnaire, is that you never know about the reliability of the test questions, their sources, and validity. Lyfas team, on the other hand, takes a great deal of scientific effort to firstly test the tool amongst its patient base, and thereafter correlate the factors with first Lyfas and then various pathological tests.

The Instrument(HDRS)

The HDRS (also known as the Ham-D) is the most widely used clinician-administered depression assessment scale. The original version contains 17 items (HDRS17) pertaining to symptoms of depression experienced over the past week. Although the scale was designed for completion after an unstructured clinical interview, there are now semi-structured interview guides available. The HDRS was originally developed for hospital inpatients, thus the emphasis on melancholic and physical symptoms of depression. A later 21-item version (HDRS21) included 4 items intended to subtype the depression, but which are sometimes, incorrectly, used to rate severity. A limitation of the HDRS is that atypical symptoms of depression.

Reliability of Hamilton Depression Tracker
Hamilton Depression Scale is the most popular Depression instrument of all time. This is considered the gold standard for depression tracking. The overall reliability is above 85%.


What if the Result shows that You have depression?

  1. You can print the PDF result and share this with any mental health professional. Hamilton Scale is a well-established test for depression. So, the clinician or the counselor will know beforehand what to expect.
  2. You can reach out to the Lyfas team, fill the Lyfas test form, and the first test the various other confoundings factors like Physiology, Psychology, Pathology, Social Health Score, Relational Health Score, Cognition, effect on Cardiovascular system and take detailed consultancy. We have helped hundreds of patients out of their depression and we will certainly improve your overall mental health condition.
  3. Or, you can simply deny the inner voice of your mind to seek help, and continue to suffer in silence. All are your choices.


Though we do not ask for any of your contact or personal details for the self-assessment test, for the security of your data, and for getting access to our mental health resources and experts for free, we suggest you register with the site. It is free, and always will be. An account with the site offers a 33% discount on the Lyfas services and provides you with access to asking questions in our forums, at the same time, providing you with the access to download various therapeutic tools for free. Acculi is the most transparent digital health company with extremely high standards of data security, privacy preservation. We take our user’s and patients’ data as our lifeline, and never share them with any third parties, including authorities. We preserve your privacy in our life.

The result depends upon your honesty of answer and your current psycho-philosophy.

Take the Depression Tracking CLinically Validated Self Test

1.Do you get depressed while I am being questioned?
2.Do you start speaking depressive words like ending life, suicide, hopeless, useless, lonely, etc?
3.Do you start showing depression with facial expressions, like uninterested in the current situation, low energy, depressed eyes?
4.Do you feel guilty all the time for something? (like unable to satisfy parents/partner, or not being good enough, or not able to be successful in an exam or pursuit in life)?
5.Do you feel that you have let people down?
6.Do you hear sounds or see visuals that amplify your guilt? Perhaps repeatedly seeing your mistakes in front of your eyes?
7.Do you feel that you deserve whatever is happening in your life as a punishment by God due to your mistakes?
8.Do you feel that life is not worth it?
9.Do you wish that you were better off not living in your current situation? (Do you hope to die?)
10.Do you ideate about suicide?
11.Do your research on the internet about various ways to commit suicide?
12.Do you tell yourself that I will die and then people will understand my worth and their mistakes?
13.Have you made attempts of suicide ever that needed you to get hospitalized?
14.Do you find it hard to sleep?
15.Do you take more than 30 minutes to fall asleep from the time you go to bed?
16.Do you wake up many times in the night when going to sleep?
17.Do you remain disturbed throughout the night due to nightmares, anxiety, fear, guilt, palpitations?
18.Do you wake up more than twice(other than going for urination/toilet)?
19.Do you wake up early hours and then again go back to sleep?
20.Do you find it hard to get sleep, when you again go back to sleep?
21.Do you have thoughts and feelings of incapacity, fatigue, or weakness related to activities, work, or hobbies?
22.Do you have a loss of interest in the activity, hobbies, or work indirectly in listlessness, indecision, and vacillation?(do you feel you have to push yourself to work or activities).
23.Have you observed a decrease in actual time spent in activities or a decrease in productivity?
24.Have you stopped working because of your present illness?
25.Do you not engage in any activities except routine chores?
26.Do you fail to perform routine chores unassisted? Like non-interest in eating, morning rituals, bath, etc?
27.Do you get agitated quite frequently?
28.Do you always keep moving your body and hands while sitting on a chair, talking to others?
29.Do you bite nails?
30.Do you have a lot of body itching?
31.Do you pull your hair?
32.Do you bite your lips?
33.Do you worry about small matters?
34.Do you have a lot of apprehension about any subject? (always feeling worried about the negative side of the things)
35.Do you have a dry mouth?
36.Do you wind(fart) quite often?
37.Do you suffer from frequent indigestion?
38.Do you suffer from frequent diarrhea?
39.Do you have Hyper Urination?
40.Do you have a lot of sweating?
41.Do you suffer from shooting pain in the head and other headaches?
42.Do you need medicine for morning rituals? (Severe constipation)
43.Do you have cramps in various body parts?
44.Do you have a loss of appetite?
45.Do you feel like not eating if anyone doesn’t force/assist/encourage you?
46.Do you have a heavy feeling in the abdomen?
47.Do you have heaviness in your hands and legs?
48.Do you feel heaviness at the back of your head?
49.Do you feel low energy and fatigue?
50.Do you suffer from muscle pain?
51.Do you have back pain?
52.Do you have low libido or a loss of desire to have sex?
53.(For females only) Do you have irregular menstruation or a missing cycle?
54.Are you worried about having some serious illness?
55.Are you preoccupied with your health condition?
56.Do you have delusions of serious health issues and dying suddenly?
57.Have you lost weight in the last few months?
58.Do you attribute your bad health to working conditions, eating habits, and other lifestyle issues(rationalizing your condition)?


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