Lyfas helps you to screen your mental and emotional state to accurately qualify and quantify the emotional and mental manipulation and measures its effect.

Manipulation Self-check

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Self-test to check if your partner is manipulating you or not

No email id, phone, or personal data is collected. Take the test anonymously and reach out to us if you need help.

Do you feel that you are being manipulated by the partner in your relationship? Such manipulation is common from romantic relationships to professional relationships. A manipulation is simply distorting the facts as a reality or truth so that you do what the other person wants you to do. The manipulation squeezes your emotions and leaves you high and dry. At the end of the day, you feel exhausted.

It is often carried out by slowly pushing you to look for the validation of the other person, and constantly pushing you to the wall. Demand from you in terms of physical labor and emotionally hard work increases. No matter how much you try, the other person never appears to be happy.

In a healthy relationship, we exchange stories, observations, intellect, emotions. We do not end up questioning each other. This is therefore important for you to at times know if you are getting manipulated constantly by someone.

This test aims to give you some sort of understanding of the current reality when the reality is bent by a person close to you.

If you feel that you are being

1.Does X give you a goal to achieve and the more you reach closer to goalpost it goes away?
2.Does X says 80% negative about you and 20% positives, after which you feel good?
3.X doesn’t take no for an answer? When you say no, X tries all the tricks to get you say Yes?
4.Does X say “you promised”? Whatever X wants you to do, X says “you promised”.
5.Does X make you feel guilty and gives you guilt trip constantly?
6.Does X always demand your gratitude without ever showing one? You should always be grateful to X!
7.Does X constantly compare you with anyone else to make you feel smaller?
8.Do you dedicate your whole and soul to please X?
9.Does X blame you for all the mishaps?
10.Do you always feel under pressure?


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