Online Test Self Risk Assessment and Monitoring of Risk of Cardiac Arrest, Heart Failure and Stroke

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There has been a significant surge in recent reports of Cardiac arrests and deaths. What is more concerning is the increased prevalence in the younger population(Age 24-50). Men tend to have double the risk over females because female parasympathetic is much higher than men.

After Puneet Rajkumar’s Death, many of you have reached out to me with cardiac events in your family and have been asking for precautionary measures and monitoring. If you are anxious about your own cardiac risks and are constantly getting fear of death and heart attacks, then you can always use this assessment test.

Furthermore, if you are staying away from your parents, and suspect that your parents do not share their health conditions to avoid causing you troubles, you can ask these questions in between your conversations.

It is always good to know the risks, and take proper measures rather than to remain in the dark and in doubt.


There are no such things as “Sudden heart attacks”. All the organs including the heart are linked to the autonomic system. Sympathetic overdrive(excess active body) is a prime cause of cardiac events, which also affects other organs. You can use this principle to self-monitor your cardiac condition.


There are thousands of other factors that attributes to cardiac sympathetic overdrive, and this is just the compilation of common sets of symptoms that we have observed in our patients.

1.Are you above 60?
2.Is your heart rate > 90 BPM?
3.Is your diastolic BP at rest > 90 or/and Systolic BP > 150
4.Have you noticed recent significant increase of hairfall?
5.Has there been pain in your calf muscle(back of legs, from knee to ankle)?
6.Have you noticed increase of bad breath(stinky breath) or body odour?
7.Have you noticed excess tiredness recently?
8.Do you take protein powder supplements?
9.Were you given steroids, if you had got infected in COVID in last six months?
10.Have you noticed recent increase in itching at different parts of body?
11.Is your BMI>30 ?
12.Do you go to sleep after 11PM ?
13.Have you recently started seeing dreams with content like being chased, running around, something very fearful?
14.Are you on Hypertensive drugs or blood thinners ?
15.Are you raging a lot often? (that is anger outbursts, throwing things)?
16.Have you experienced frequent palpitations?
17.Your stool tend to float on water?
18.Your stool appear blackish and very hard?
19.Have you experienced recent incidents of sustained shoulder/lower back or teeth pain?
20.Are you getting frequent fevers?
21.Are you experiencing excessive sweating?
22.Are you diabetic for 5+ years?
23.Do you stay above 5th floor?
24.Are yo a smoker?
25.Have you seen dreams like someone sitting on your chest or breathlessness in sleep, after which you had to wakeup and open windows?
26.Has there been an increase in Allergy?
27.Have you been going through Divorce?
28.Have you been going through any property dispute?
29.Are you in high marital conflicts?
30.Do you suffer from loneliness and social anxiety?
31.Was your birth through C-section?
32.Were you breastfed at least upto two years of your age(directly feeding milk from breast)
33.Is your tonsil operated out?
34.Do you have a family history of stroke or heart attack?
35.Do you go to sleep after one or more hours after your meal?
36.Do you suffer from heavy acidity, and on antacid medicines?
37.Have you observed recent irritation during urination?
38.Have you noticed hyper urination? That is frequent urination, that appears uncontrollable.
39.Are you devoid of sex/physical intimacy for more than 6 months?
40.Have you observed a reduction in morning erection ?
41.Do you experience extreme hate/envy/jealousy?


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2 thoughts on “Online Test Self Risk Assessment and Monitoring of Risk of Cardiac Arrest, Heart Failure and Stroke

  1. Seems like a good bunch of queries. Only hope the relationship between the issues listed and cardiovascular events are accurate.

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