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🤧 Is There Any Relationship Between Allergy and Childhood?

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Behind Allergic Disorders:- How It Starts & How to Protect a Child from Allergic Disorders


In Medicine, we have a theory called “The Hygiene Hypothesis”. According to this theory, a child must be exposed to dirt, pathogens, dust, and an unhygienic environment in early childhood.

BREASTFEEDING:- Innate Immunity

Mother’s milk is one of the strongest components of innate immunity because it contains Lactoferrin, which fortunately can not be created artificially. Lactoferrin helps a child to act on any foreign bodies at the early stage when adaptive immunity is underdeveloped.

If the child was not breastfed, or the breast milk was stored in any container and was fed externally, then the child has a depleted innate immunity.

MIGRATION:- Innate to Adaptive

As the child grows, the innate immunity is weakened and is taken over by adaptive immunity. There is a timeline of 1-6 years for the child to get exposed to enough foreign bodies so that its adaptive immunity can learn about the pathogens, how to deal with them, create antibodies, and necessary biological programs to manage such components inside the body.

If the child wasn’t exposed to such conditions, during migration, the adaptive immunity doesn’t know or is unaware of any such unhygienic conditions.


A child’s Cortex brain is underdeveloped. The child has no access to high-level consciousness and logic. It is an integrated entity with the mother. Its the limbic brain is also elementary, primate-like basic emotions.

So, when the mother is physically or emotionally unavailable, the child suffers an unimaginable ocean of negative emotions.

So, even when the body gets exposed to dirt/dust/pathogens, it doesn’t pay heed to creating an immunity program. So, the child falls ill very frequently.


Some mothers(mostly those who have a child after a long time), becomes exceedingly possessive. They just do not let their child go out of sight. They want to grow up their child as prince and princess.

They are over-caring, over-loving, and literally obsessive. Seeing the child away(say schools), put them in an emotional Tsunami(that a child of dead mother suffers).

So, they become anxious and the child has to figure out how to keep the mother happy and smiling, again impairing cognition and consciousness.


So, an allergic disorder is caused only and only due to one or more of the following reasons:-

1) Impaired innate immunity due to no breastfeeding.
2) A child feeling emotionally lonely and afraid due to the mother’s absence.
3) A child not exposed to dust/dirt/pathogenic risks in childhood.
4) Emotionally exhausted, anxious/angry/silent/ mother.


Medicine can only suppress the hyper-immunity response, but can’t fix the immunity balance, because the years of transition of 1-6 don’t come back in life.

With Allergy, the less you want to suffer, the more you will suffer.

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The overwhelming increase of Asthma and Allergy today is due to over-protective parents. They do not want their children to get Ill. They want their children not to eat dust, not to play in the ground, not to drink bad water, not to mix with lower-class people, because they are dirty, may be carrying diseases.

If the child’s brain is not trained to learn the reality of the world, which is harsh, unforgiving, away from parents, dangerous at every step, then the child’s mind suffers an impaired consciousness and cognition(not intelligence) which are super important for balanced immunity response.

Those children, who are already suffering due to their parent’s ignorance and impaired logic, will continue to curse their parents silently, whether they are open about it or not. But, you can at least prevent your child to become allergic.

You can expose your child to risks, push the child away from you to individualize, and then accept back with a smile and warmth when the child returns, without any conditions.

You just have 6 years to gift your child an Allergy-free life. Don’t mess it up.


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