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Steroid Induced Hyperglycemia (High Sugar)

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Imagine you are an IT employee, in a critical project. Your boss is scolding you round the clock to finish it. He is screaming and shouting. You are in stress and have started working 18 hours instead of 8 to finish the work and the stress. Your blood pressure is high, your heart rate is high, eyes red, but you are stretching.

But the company is still not happy. They put 4 more bosses on your head, to push you from 18 hours to 30 hours stretch. With their constant bombarding, you somehow complete the project. But the result?

The project will have errors, your body will give up. You will be fatigued and whole body painting. You will be weak. Your BP and Sugar will remain elevated for days. You will have chest pain.


Cortisol is a stress hormone, secreted by Adrenaline glands, located on both sides, over two kidneys.

Many times, our body has to work more than it is meant to, called stress. Our organs are connected by an Autonomic Nervous System with ON and OFF switches, called the Sympathetic system and Parasympathetic system respectively. The sympathetic system is responsible for work and parasympathetic for rest. But it is not like one is active and the other. There is always an interplay.

The body works on the Homeostasis mechanism, which desires a particular internal temperature, blood pressure, sugar levels, and so on. However, at times body needs to work more, coming out of the homeostasis.

For example, when you are running your heart has to supply more blood to the tissues and the muscles and therefore heart rate has to go very high. The same is true when external foreign bodies like Pathogens attack our body. Our immunity system has to overwork to protect us.

This overworking is called Sympathetic dominance. It means that the sympathetic system remains activated for far too long in comparison to the parasympathetic system. In such situations, the body releases cortisol to help the cells deal with this excess work.


When the body remains in Sympathetic dominance for very long, like an attack of SARS Corona Virus 2019, or chronic diseases, the body suffers from cortisol insufficiency, so, the body has no way to remain in the sympathetic dominance stage.


Corticosteroids are synthetic Cortisol like compounds. They are meant to fill for the insufficient Cortisol by adding a similar substance externally to help the body remain and deal with sympathetic dominance.

By increasing Cortisol, sympathetic dominance, (commonly known as autonomic Stress) is maintained, so all the organs stretch to handle the situation. Here stress is to fight the pathogen. As there is a belief that the virus overtakes lungs in 14-28 days, stretches the fight, takes rest then is the logic.


The liver over-pumps glucose in the blood so that cells get enough energy. But if the cells are already “tired” they refuse more glucose. The liver becomes Insulin-resistant and extra glucose through IV also gets into the blood. There is no way to absorb that because cells are tired, they don’t want to work.

Squeeze two Rasgullas in your hand and don’t clean hands. Observe what happens when excess sugar remains on the surface. More irritation, dirt glued to the skin. That’s your blood vessel condition.

Even after recovery, the liver remains inflamed and resistant to insulin. Hence many are given Insulin injections to metabolize this glucose.

Scientifically, if cells absorb this excess sugar, bloodstream sugar is reduced. When do cells start absorbing? When they are recovered of “5-boss” overwork trauma, load, and ready to join “office”.


If you were Hypertensive or Diabetic, your body was already stressed and had high Cortisol to deal with. What happens when you continue to pour Petrol into a 4-tire-punctured car? You can still drive, but can’t accelerate. More petrol won’t give acceleration. So petrol will spill.

Steroid Induced Hyperglycemia will keep you immuno-compromised and fatigued for a long long time to come. The eyes, Kidneys, Liver, Gut, Stomach, Gall-Bladder, and more critically heart and the inner wall of the blood vessels(Endothelial) will remain at risk.

You need to address Hyperglycemia, and blood thinners and insulin injections will delay but can’t deny the inevitable.

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When the pathogenic virus enters the cells and starts turning the cells into Virus production metabolic factory, Hyperglycemia starts helping these Viruses more than the body. Hacked bio programs of the cells happily produce more Viruses with more sugar. Blood gets thicker, so the WBC and Phagocytes are slowed down to arrive at the cells. Hemoglobin gets Glycolated, and Oxygen carrying capability reduces.

Before the Steroid is administered, the body is already under stress, mental stress, pathological stress. Fear, anxiety, body’s inner work all make the patient nervous. Shoulders are stiff, calf pains.

Without measuring Serum Cortisol, or the body’s stress, if excess cortisol is induced in the body, with a hope that the body will fight more under more cortisol, or the body can cope-up with more stress with more cortisol, then that doesn’t happen.

Every single body has different levels of handling different types of stress. You need to be at the top of your calculation best to calculate the timing of the dose, time between the dose, amount of dose, etc.


Because Lyfas provides you a snapshot of the Autonomic Nervous system, which is what keeps the body in homeostasis, corticosteroid effects are best measured by Lyfas. Your body needs healing a great deal after steroid therapy. Monitor and Heal with Lyfas today.

Lyfas does complete mind-body analysis through non-invasive methods, that involve three days of test through our clinical-grade mobile application and extended history taking. Our digital health assistants, coaches, and the clinical team then spends hours with you to uncover hidden issues in your mind and body. We help you to discover yourself better.

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