Health and Lifestyle Precautions for Couples Wanting to Become Parents

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1. Cut down and eliminate all alcohols, hotel food, fast food, atleast a year before you want to have babies.

2. Cut down on your communication with your respective parents(See my post of Oedipus and Electra), and keep them out of your relationship.

3. If you want to become mother and want to have a disease free life, go to to bed by 10PM, no exception. You need Seretonin.

4. The male partner must exercise, read, find peace and happiness.

5. Incase you both are not emotionally intimate and are into blame game to each other, the mother will have Autoimmunity, and the child will be immunocompromised.

6. The more the mother stays away from the child in first 12 years, (working, or otherwise) both child and mother will suffer health, because of lack of immuno-modulated coordination of FMc ans MMc in respective bodies. Duchene Muscular Dystrophy(A genetic disorder) is found in one in 3000 male child of a working mother.

Thanks a lot to the research team of Acculi Labs Pvt Ltd for developing female phenotyping from child and partner’s Lyfas tests, and providing evidence for the topic, in particular for our Cardiovascular system.


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