Mother Tongue(MT) Disassociation The Prime Reason for Autism:- Autistic Production House of Parenting, Child Birth, and Schooling

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Every Banayan tress has genes that result in creating roots from the branches. But, does every Banayan tree have roots from its branches? No, they get expressed, in a few trees, when they grow beyond size and probably after 50 years of life.

You can also make a Bonsai Banayan tree. So the same tree has the genes to make it survive in pots.


So, which Banayan tree will be healthier and live longer? Of course the one that gets the natural environment, because it will activate the right genes.


FOXP2 genes in humans are responsible for developing linguistic skills. Furthermore, this gene is also found in Chimpanzees. Then FOXP2 mutated in humans to bless us with superior linguistic.


Many studies now have proven that FOXP2 genetic abnormalities were found in children with ASD. Traces of unstable variants were also found in the family tree, particularly among the parents of such children.


Observe the FMRI image of a study, where a newborn baby(5 days old) FMRI was taken, while playing Italian script(mother tongue) and playing the tape in reverse. It is evident that a newborn baby’s neurons start activating as soon as it hears MT.

Also, observe that both the brain hemispheres are activated while our ear listens to MT.

In the second FMRI, you can see that as we get adults, the left hemisphere remains active for auditory processing.


Way back in 1959, it was substantiated that within 24 hours of birth, a child starts hearing and recognizing sounds, and the linguistic pathways are imprinted which remains through life.


We are born with FOXP2 genes, responsible for linguistic processing, which gets imprinted immediately within 24 hours of childbirth. Initial language pathways activate both left and right brain. The left brain is for logic and cognition, whereas the right brain process empathy, emotions, and social constructs.

The longer a child hears good conversation in MT, the more he/she studies literature in MT the more the coordination between both brains increases.

If, the child is devoid of listening to good conversation within the first 24 hours, and then doesn’t listen to the parental conversation in the mother tongue, over a period the right brain pathways shut down, closing the social, emotional pathways.

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Keep speaking in English, keep going for C-section and isolate the child in an incubator, be silent or shout, feeding your child with English books.

If you are a teacher in primary school, then do your duty towards Autism, by telling parents to communicate in English🤣

The good thing is no one will hold either parents or the doctors or teachers responsible for screwing the child’s life and all future generations.

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