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The Thymus Effect:- Can Bill-Jab Protect You?


The thymus is a small gland that is at the epicenter of our immunity. T-Lymphocytes(Thymus Lymphocytes) cells are created in the bone marrow and then migrate to the Thymus. These are immune cells that remember the information about antigens presented by various pathogens, derived from maternal immunity.


The thymus is present in all vertebrae. But this has one of the most extraordinary biological mysteries. Just after the birth, it starts getting smaller and smaller, called involution. Finally, before adulthood, Thymus in all the animals become just fat(adipose tissue), post which no new TL is generated.


T-Lymphs maintain memory by proliferation (replicating), thereby retaining antigen memory. By the age of 65, the Thymus becomes absent and also Lymph homeostasis reduces.

The most acceptable hypothesis of Thymus involution and atrophy is:-

  • 💡to prevent pathogens from hacking into the Thymus and change the memory of T-Lymphs and turn them against the body to cause autoimmune disease.
  • 💡So, there are no new T-Lymphs with new memory after adulthood, more so after 65.
  • 💡Body derives a defense strategy from existing memory.

When Bill-Jab puts inert pathogens into the body to present their antigen, B-cells generate Antibodies. No T-Lymph memory though!


Evolution, not only for humans but for all animals designed the immunity head Thymus to vanish as soon as possible. One of the most important parts of T-Lymph memory is to know every human cell and good microbiome well.

Using a differential identification technique, they can identify any new pathogen. Then a strategy is derived to fight them. Once WBCs “engulf” these pathogens, they blast out new B-cells that produce antibodies. For altering T-cells though, Thymus is needed.

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Nature doesn’t want the immunity to know too many new antigens, probably because it doesn’t want information overloading. As there are new species of virus and Bacterias that enter the body all the time, the body is designed to derive strategy based on the prior basic program.

It’s like loading Unix and locking the kernel. So, even without a Bill-Jab, the body is capable of creating antibodies. But with Bill-Jab there are chances of the pathogens changing the antigens and altering the Lymphs to cause a bad response.

That’s why Malaria isn’t controlled yet, so is TB. Can you burn a new program in an embedded system without a programmer chip? You can at max corrupt the existing memory.

This is science, the rest are stories.


The thymus is part of human anatomy. Lymph node-based human immunity is also part of our anatomy. Therefore they are called structural immunity.

Let’s say that the ECG of your heart is normal. Does that mean that there are no risks of heart attacks? How many cases you have heard where the ECG of the patient was normal and yet the patient suffered a sudden stroke?

The body always tries to maintain homeostasis. A bad structure doesn’t mean that the body will function badly, the same way a good structure doesn’t mean that the body will function nicely.

It is like, every basketball player is tall, but every tall human is not a basketball player.

So, when we talk about immunity, doesn’t matter if the body’s Lymphocytes are good or not, what does matter is whether the body’s immunity can function. This is also called the Physiological immunity of the body. Lyfas captures the signature of your functional immunity that assesses your infection vulnerability risks much better than the other systems.

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