How Lyfas can detect your Gut health and help you understand the effect of Vaccination on the Gut health.
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The human body has 70-90% bacterial cells as the Human genome projects reveal. Genetically, it is more staggering. We carry 99% bacterial gene and just 1% human gene.

Our genes are much closer to a Corn plant gene than a bacterial gene. The most density of these bacterias is in our gut. The gut microbiome is responsible for 70% of our metabolism and is linked to 90% of diseases. And the colonies change.

Now let’s talk about genes. The protein-coding of human and mice genes is similar by 85%. Our genes are similar to cats by 90% and to distant chicken by 60%.

Your so-called standard test for the virus matches the signature by 80%. So, your so-called standard test can not identify a human from a mouse-based on protein signature mapping. And you convince us that it can accurately map a Virus protein signature with an 80% map? Whoa.

Now you talk about creating an immune response through a vaccine where 90% of the immunity is driven by gut microbiome that you have no idea about? Fantastic.

The only mask people need is a brain mask to keep themselves protected from your agenda-driven filthy propaganda.

Reader’s Insight

I don’t know, but how are the other vaccines probably working or are they also part of the placebo bandwagon.

Srejo A. K.

we have not created a vaccine for HIV after 40 years nothing for Malaria and nothing for EBOLA or Dengue and now we believe the propaganda fro Bill gates and his friend Fauci that they will have a vaccine in 6 months !… bill gates could not even keep viruses from his computer and now he can do it in humans. Microbiome of which we know very little does control 90% immune system in Humans so if you make a vaccine based on the 3% of human genes and ignore 9% and also the 7% junk DNA we have ignored the elephant in the room that is the reason why drugs don’t work and why vaccines will not either. A simpler solution is to boost our immune system following nature law of evolution

Palayakotai RAGHAVAN
Chairman and CEO at Nanorx Inc

Contrary Views

The number of strains for which the vaccines are made had been increasing, along with efficacy. Interesting that the CEO of a “diagnostic and monitoring labs for early-stage asymptomatic patients” is an anti-vaccine… wonder if his investors know?
Here is the history of vaccines and viral diseases (and 2 bacterial)

Sanjay Joshi
Global CIO, Tanium

Refultal by Author

Yes, they do know. What has got an investor or for that matter anyone has to do with science?

CDC says 60% efficacy of Flu shots. TB still exists. People living with HIV for ages. We did not have any vaccine scam in earlier generations.

My great-grandmother survived 1919, subsequent cholera, chickenpox, polio, Jaundice, Dengue, to live for 103 years, without vaccine, medicine, and without any disease.

PCOD, Autism, metabolism disorder birth have significantly increased from 1970.

So yes:-
1) No evidence of vaccines working.
2) People have lived over 100 years in continuous pandemics without vaccines.
3) Post vaccine era, there is evidence of several mental and reproductory disorders.

It is like aspiring mothers for C-section without telling them that the vaginal microbiome protects children in initial days and without that layer, the kids are born with stripped innate immunity.

So, I guess you should be least worried about my investors and more about facts and evidence (beyond the propaganda of here is what I wanted to prove)

Here are the original publications on smallpox Vaccines by Dr. Jenner. (Icing on the cake.)


Media and so-called experts have continuously narrated one side view or one side of the coin. This post is an effort to bring some contradictions to the one-sided narration. This is neither to refute the importance of vaccines nor to promote vaccine frenzies. This is to make you start thinking about yourself, your health, your future generations.

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If you want to understand your health from the scientific perspective, and have been dealing with some critical health conditions for a long without finding many answers to them, then please do take the Lyfas test and therapy today.

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