COVID-19 Vaccine Prognosis With Lyfas

💉Vaccines:- Precautions, Preparations, Prevention of adversity,

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Any Vaccine works with a simple principle. Present a least-harmful signature of a pathogen(RNA, dead pathogens, etc) in low dosage, so that body can recognize them, run an immunity attack(a biological program), and remember the program.

When the live pathogen enters the body(infection), the body can quickly launch this immunity attack, rather than having to wait to develop this.


1) Body has the ability to produce enough White blood cells.
2) Body can control its urge to launch a full-throttle crazy attack, and therefore limit the Cytokinin.
3) After the Phagocytes(WBC), capture the signature “dead pathogen”, the body can clear them safely.
4) Body has enough resources to run other biological programs unaffected while launching the immunity program.
5) Body has no other pathogens in an inert state.
6) All the other organs are in their perfect functioning state and are not disturbed by the immunity program.
7) Your body doesn’t have this program already.


So, before you go for the jab, it is important to validate the above hypothesis to the best of your ability.

1) CBC with complete Hematogram.
3) Lipid Profile
4) D-Dimer, IL-6, Ferritin, LDH
5) IgG, IgM, IgE
6) Serum Na, K, Cl, Ca, P
7) An ECG, better an ECHO-Cardio
8) Complete Abdomen Ultrasound.
8) Urine Analysis
9) Thyroid profile & (ACTH, Testosterone, Estradiol)
10) Autonomic Neuropathy, Central Neuropathy, Peripheral Neuropathy.
11) Complete Vitamin Profile including B12, D3
12) CRP, PT, Hba1C
13) Lyfas test


With this, consult a physician about the risks and assessment of the components. Ask about the adverse effects that vaccines may lead to and seek guidelines about the preventive measures.


1) If you already have COVID specific antibody, the Vaccine has no use. Your body already has the program.
2) Hyperlipidemia (Cholesterol on Blood Thinners(Statin)):- because you already have impairment of Endothelial Dependent Dilation(EDD).
3) High BP patients(ACE2 inhibitors):- because the body may not handle the high local pressure in peripheral arteries/veins and you may get severe clots post-vaccination.
4) Allergic with Anti-Allergens: Because you are already in immunity lowering drug.
5) Fatty liver:- It is energy-house. A fatty liver may not be able to supply the energy the body needs for a full-blown immunity attack.
6) Chronic Kidney Disease:- Because Erithropoetin impairment may lead to fewer blood cells and oxygen delivery to tissues, which may lead to hypoxia and Necrosis.
7) Pregnant Women:– You already have the highest immunity on the planet.

Many recent studies are pointing towards Vaccine Risks in individuals with Autoimmune disease.

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Vaccines are mostly marketed through B2B2C(give to an organization, which helps employees and families to get vaccinated). The B2B marketing is adopted in line with the Social-Proof phenomenon, where one feels safe while watching most others in their peers to adopt a solution.

But, your life is in your hand. The responsibility of your family is yours. So, you must make calculated decisions on life, not buy based on social proof.

You must do a test at least 15 days prior to jab, bring your body to an ideal state, take a jab and take a follow-up test after 7 days of the jab, one month after the jab. Your clinician should be able to guide you with precautions before and after the jab to get the best out of the jab and avoid adversity.

Vaccines do protect you from hospitalizations to a degree due to very high and early immunity response. But, it can’t still save you if your Viral load is higher than the immunity response capabilities.

Not taking a Jab keeps you in the same zone as Vaccinated but an impaired body state.

But here, you give your body to develop an adaptive program customized to your body. Vaccines take away that because it launches a ready program.

Chose wisely, not on social/peer/family advise/pressure/proof.


Your body creates a limited adaptive immunity response, in line with your current body state. So, you take more time to recover(approx:- +5d to +10d). With good rest, diet, and care, you eventually do.

For post-vaccination care, take the Lyfas test:

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