Detect your COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy in You by checking Functional Immunity with Lyfas
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The performance of past vaccines like Influenza

1. Epidemiological studies suggest that a virus stops after it infects 50% of the human population.

2. We are looking at 18 months for 3.4B people to be infected.

3. Even at 3% mortality, total death will be about 100M.

4. Global Annual death rate is close to 60M. So, in two years, in reality, 120M people would have died even without the current mess.

5. According to WHO(1) Influenza kills about 7M people globally, and those aged over 65 and chronic patients are at higher risk.

6. Flu vaccine meta-analysis finds that the vaccine is effective only in 45% of cases in 2019🤭

7. Also Flu vaccine is found to be most effective only in the healthy individual age group of 2-45 where mortality is anyways low.

8. Let’s say that a Vaccine is out. It will not be more effective than flu, right?

9. So if Vaccine was given to all 100M possible deaths, 50M out of 60M would have anyways died. In the rest 40M, at 50% efficacy, 20M would have died.

10. Even at a scale of 1M vaccination a day, for a 3.4B population, it will take 3.4 years to vaccinate everyone. You save only 15M lives in 18 months.

The effectiveness of the vaccine in reality? 0.5% of the total 3.4B population. Side effects?😂


450 years back, Birbal said that there are more blind people (99%) than ones who can see (1%). If he was alive today, he would have said that there are excessively more deaf people (99.9%) than ones who can listen (0.1%)! So what is the probability of people who read your article would follow it? 

Avinash Magdum


We already know how different factors affect vaccine efficacy and how they can vary from one individual to another individual. As you may already be knowing that Lyfas tests your functional immunity more accurately and efficiently than any other test, do consider testing the vaccine efficacy of your vaccine in your own health. Remember, good preparation and knowledge is the first step to a good defense.

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